Super Bowl Sick Monday: Arizona Ranks 3rd for Wanting a Sick Day

It's the morning after, also known as Super Sick Monday - this day has been notoriously known as a day when people call out of work. But which states suffer the most from ‘Super Bowl Sick Monday’? To reveal this, Betway analyzed Google search data for each state for terms such as ‘calling in sick to work’, and ‘how to call out of work’, with Arizona ranking 3rd on the … [More]

City of Phoenix Names New Planning and Development Department Director

​Planning and Development Department Assistant Director Joshua Bednarek will now lead the department as its new Director. Bednarek has been with the City for more than 20 years, 15 of those years with the Planning and Development Department. “I am honored to serve as Director of the Planning and Development Department for the City of Phoenix," said Bednarek. “I am excited to … [More]

Today Is the Voter Registration Deadline for the March City of Phoenix Runoff Election

The City of Phoenix will conduct a Runoff Election on March 14, 2023, in which city voters in Districts 6 and 8 will elect a Council Member. The candidate with the highest number of votes cast for each office in the Runoff Election will be elected and take office for a four-year term beginning April 17, 2023. The Voter Registration Deadline for this election is today, Monday, … [More]

Despite Recent Debacles in Crypto Space, Expert and Author Says Now May Be a Great Time to Invest

The recent failures in the cryptocurrency space (think FTX and 3AC) have left many investors uneasy about allocating funds to crypto and other digital assets. Joshua Peck, founder of TrueCode Capital and author of the new book Cryptocurrency Risk Management: A Guide for Family Wealth Managers, says investing now may be the smart move. In the book, Peck offers his thoughts on … [More]

Phoenix-Based Travel Safety App Puts Parents and Travelers at Ease with Real-Time Safety Alerts

Spring break is often looked at as a right of passage for college students to blow-off steam from mid-terms and de-stress before the final leg of the school year. 1.5 million college students each year are beckoned to warm-beach destinations across the globe, but first have to get through worried parents debating things like– Should I let my kid go to Cabo? With OZZI, one … [More]

Report on Economic Impact of Asian-Owned Businesses in Arizona Launched, Supported through JPMorgan Chase Donation

Asian-American small business owners in Arizona will be surveyed this year to account for their contributions to the local economy and understand challenges. The study, sponsored by the Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce, will be the second of its kind conducted by the local business group through a donation from JPMorgan Chase. In 2016, the Arizona Asian Chamber launched … [More]

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