Phoenix-Based Travel Safety App Puts Parents and Travelers at Ease with Real-Time Safety Alerts

Spring break is often looked at as a right of passage for college students to blow-off steam from mid-terms and de-stress before the final leg of the school year. 1.5 million college students each year are beckoned to warm-beach destinations across the globe, but first have to get through worried parents debating things like– Should I let my kid go to Cabo?

With OZZI, one simple user-friendly app, both students and parents will be able to fill the gaps in information about unfamiliar destinations, essentially having a local guide to any travel-spot they choose right in the palm of their hands.

Endless Information Right at Your Fingertips

The OZZI app provides users with street-level information in neighborhoods across the globe from the safest spots to book an airbnb to how to be culturally sensitive in the area you choose. The app also provides real-time alerts for world events and safety maps for each destination so travelers know when and where to steer clear of at all-times.

Parents of spring breakers can feel comfort from their own homes by searching their children’s spring break destination and being able to send them tips and alerts as they are happening in real-time.

“This app is the first of its kind. Many parents and travelers alike rely on google searches and news reports that often don’t address risks in real-time.” said OZZI founder, Isaiah Lopez. “Having ‘round-the-clock updates about what’s going on in a particular part of the globe can put minds at ease with ease.”

De-stress During Distress

Not only does the OZZI app help identify perceived threats, but also provides contextual insights on what to do when an emergency does occur. The app offers guides on comprehensive mental health and hospital services, financial and transportation differences in the area, law enforcement info, tips on how to prepare for travel and more.

“If you’re in a new place and an emergency strikes, you may not know where to turn,” said Lopez. “OZZI offers immediate access to local alerts and advice, no matter where you are in the world.”

Unlike most safety apps that just send alerts which can instill fear without context, the OZZI app is designed to put users at ease, actually helping them understand when something is going to affect them. The new iOS and Android app offers tons of easily accessible features to help those traveling and their concerned families navigate through spring break. This includes:

App Features For OZZI

  • Closing the misinformation gap – Utilizing military grade software, OZZI provides up-to-minute accurate information vetted by the U.S. Government.
  • Guide to choosing the right Destination – Know-before-you-go, compare destinations across the globe across 11 different travel categories from security, health, environmental concerns, entry/exit tips, political unrest and more.
  • Helps you save time and money – Includes detailed guides when looking for safer taxis, tipping advice, local customs and medical recommendations.
  • Street-level safety-maps– The only public app with the ability to offer street-by-street caution zones to find safer areas for hotels and rentals, and allow you to explore confidently.
  • Global transmission rates –  Gives users perspective on increases and decreases in COVID-19 cases, and number of vaccinated individuals, from the disease on a down to zip code level.
  • Health Advisories / Travel Restrictions / Transportation Disruptions – Users can view publicly issued advisories detailing actions for people to take locally

Military Grade Tech Now Available to the Everyday Consumer:

Once exclusively available to U.S. Military, Intelligence, Executive Departments and their families, OZZI is now open to the everyday traveler and provides up-to-the-minute news, resources and information any traveler can access at the touch of a button.

For just $19.99 users will receive full access to all of OZZI’s features for up to 30 days, so travelers are covered before and during their trip. Available for use globally, OZZI delivers real-time updates about everything from the latest on COVID-19 to crime rates, and global unrest. It also offers immediate access to lifesaving advice and resources that can prove difficult to find while traveling to an unknown destination.

OZZI is great for at-home use too. It can provide a local perspective for those new in town on where to buy a house, go to the store and more! Users can also use the app to track developments in particular cities or nations, and they’ll receive prompt, informative alerts and updates that can help them make smart decisions – and avoid unnecessary hardships – while traveling.

“Knowledge is power both at home and abroad, and that’s what OZZI delivers–right in your pocket” Lopez said. “It makes you more aware of your surroundings than ever before.”

OZZI is currently available for download in the Apple App Store here and Google Play Store here

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