13 Top Valley Leaders on 2021! Where do we go from here?

by RaeAnne Marsh

With the new year just on the horizon and the economy still on quicksand waiting for the political dust to settle, businesses are preparing their budgets and plans for 2021. Although we are, in many ways, still in unprecedented times, experience remains the “crystal ball” that savvy business leaders rely on to adapt their strategies and guide their businesses. In Business … [More]

Banking Industry Positioned to Help Businesses Evolve to ‘New Normal’

by Don Garner

"The [banking] industry’s goal is to help clients emerge stronger as they evolve their businesses from technology and workforces to product and service development." In the year 2020, the banking industry has had to be more nimble, forward-looking and customer-service-oriented than ever before.  At Alliance Bank of Arizona, the cornerstone of our business has always been … [More]

Phoenix CRE Positioned to Come Back Strong

by Mike Ebert 

"Arizona continues to be one of the top commercial real estate markets in the country, and, as a business community, we need to celebrate this success …" At the start of this year, the commercial real estate market was in a really strong position. Although we initially experienced a small decrease in retail and office-space leases in the first quarter, we have since returned … [More]

Arizona Is Building on Its Growth Momentum

by Sandra Watson

"Not only does our momentum remain strong, the projects we’re currently working represent more jobs than roughly the same number did a year ago — an indicator of the quality and size of companies looking to Arizona as a location for growth." Throughout the pandemic, the Arizona Commerce Authority has substantially increased our services and programs for small businesses, which … [More]

Asset-Based Lending a Lifeline for Small Business

by Robyn Barrett

"[As an asset-based lender … ] We will continue to prioritize our efforts to reach out to small and mid-sized businesses that are in need of capital and can’t wait months for credit approval." FSW Funding is an asset-based lender, and we base our credit lending decisions on the credit worthiness of our client’s customers. Since banks base their credit decisions on the … [More]

Expanding Value-based Care Is Transforming Industry 

by Lisa Stevens Anderson

"As Albert Einstein once said, “In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity” — which has proven true for the healthcare industry throughout the pandemic." It’s no secret that healthcare has been at the center of COVID-19 disruptions. The pandemic has pushed the limits of the healthcare system in ways we could have never imagined. Provider revenue streams and staffing … [More]

Enabling Flexibility Is Part of Pandemic Response

by Marc E. Schmittlein

In addition to these operational changes [for our customers], we shifted financial resources to support our community giving efforts, focusing on areas with the greatest need: foodbanks, seniors and frontline healthcare workers. CopperPoint operates within the Property and Casualty insurance market, offering workers’ compensation and small commercial insurance products. Our … [More]

Legal Needs Evolve in Economic Downturn

by Gary Jaburg

"As with any economic downturn, what clients need legal help with evolves. There is already an uptick in bankruptcy, workouts and divorces." Like many businesses, law has been affected by COVID. We were fortunate not to need to furlough or lay off employees, as many law firms did. There are some employees in the office, but most are working remotely. We learned that we could … [More]

PPE and Beyond: The Time Is Now to Reshore the Fashion Apparel Industry

by Angela Johnson and Sherri Barry

"Many new and established brands that survived pivoted to PPE, and mask manufacturing became “the new black” in fashion." As environmental concerns demand disruption through transparency and accountability, the fashion industry, like many others, has recently had to adapt and adopt new sustainable models. Instead of over-producing overseas, many domestic, direct-to-consumer … [More]

Hospitality Seizes the Moment to ‘Change and Adapt’

by Sam Fox

"My team and I see new opportunities to bring people, passion and big ideas together. Whether it’s over food or a new restaurant experience, nothing means more to me than real connections." The entire restaurant industry had to adjust the business model almost overnight. “Change and adapt” became the north star and, during this public health crisis, we have redefined … [More]

Past the Chaos and Uncertainty Is an Ocean of Opportunity 

by Ruzika Markovic

"Our ability to celebrate the fact that we are thriving in the face of COVID-19 by paying it forward is the best part of our industry, community and, indeed, our country." As a group of digital natives, our sector has only become more creative since the onset of the pandemic. From using Zoom to communicate with film producers on lock down in L.A. and using drones to get closer … [More]

COVID-19 Spurs Increased Reliance on Technology

by Vincent Serpico

"With a sensitivity to financial stability, we’ve seen the demand for development increase. … As a business community, prioritizing the digital space is critical during this volatile time." The unprecedented disruptions caused by COVID-19 have taken minor shifts in our infrastructure. We’ve utilized the mobility of remote work in Latin America and nationwide. As dynamics … [More]

New Protocols Necessary for Rebound in Travel Industry

by Jesse Thompson

"The best part of our industry, given the effects of COVID, has been the deeper understanding of how and why people travel." The hospitality sector, like most travel-related sectors, has been hugely impacted by COVID-related disruptions. There are no easy solutions and most involve the loss of jobs and a shift in how the products and services, as well as how the producing … [More]

COVID-19 Provided a Blank Page for Businesses to Engage Opportunity

by Marco López Jr.

"With the new USMCA agreement passed by Congress, Arizona and Mexico are primed to capture the returning tech, auto, financial and renewable industries." International business expansion and development slowed down in the early months of COVID19, but activity has recently picked up. At Mesa, Skybridge, for example, we are moving forward with the first two developments, … [More]

Michael Bidwill, Arizona Cardinals

from Michael Bidwill

Each year, businesses look ahead to project, budget and plan the coming year. We always learn a lot from years prior to help gauge changes for the year to come. This year will be one for the books, as they say. Planning for 2021 will be a lesson for us all as busines owners. But before looking ahead to 2021, it would be impossible to ignore the unprecedented nature of 2020. … [More]

The What, When, Where and Why of App Clips

by Lee Brown

App Clips is set to change how a business’s brand shows up digitally for its customers. App Clips will, in essence, allow users to have a native app experience available in critically contextual moments without requiring a download from the app store. So now I’ve got you thinking: “What could I do with this type of opportunity? What are the key activities that users do in … [More]

Wells Fargo Leverages Scale to Feed Communities 

by Tyler Butler

Wells Fargo has a long history of supporting local communities, especially during challenging times. Its leadership believes that when their communities thrive everyone can be successful, and they are deeply committed to supporting local communities where their employees and customers live and work. Wells Fargo concentrates its philanthropic investments on three pressing issues … [More]

Courageous Feedback. Can You Deliver It?

by Eileen Rogers

"Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behavior.” —Dr. Brené Brown Most leaders assume feedback is negative and angst over how to deliver it so that it creates accountability, without discomfort for themselves. The ultimate challenge is how … [More]

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