Diversity and Inclusion: Learning What We Don’t Know

by RaeAnne Marsh

Diversity is a social force that continues to gain momentum in the workplace as well. Corporate programs are expanding and gaining a diversity of their own as we recognize identifiable subgroups in our country’s “melting pot.” What was once just race and gender now also includes military veterans, the LGBT community and other groups with identifiable specific needs and/or … [More]

Why Do We Continue to Have Data Breaches? 

by Morey J. Haber

Data breaches are all around us, as well as other cyber tragedies like WannaCry, Mirai and Petya. Household names like FedEx, Maersk, Deloitte, Equifax, Nuance and Sony have all been victims of recent cybersecurity breaches. The daily press is draining, but there is something that can be learned from all the facts that can help all those involved in security become more secure … [More]

Managing Conflict: A State of Understanding

by R.W. Burke

I’ve had thousands of conversations with managers in recent years, and in almost every one of them, a manager is struggling with trying to change behavior — his own or someone else’s. And it’s usually someone else’s. The struggle with that behavior is mostly caused by the lack of understanding of it. Too many of us don’t understand our own behavior, let alone someone else’s; I … [More]

When Key Employees Leave to Work for a Competitor

by John Egbert

At one time or another, most employers are going to experience the departure of one or more key employees to work for a competitor or to start a new competing entity. Such a departure can have significant adverse effects on the employer’s operations and success. Sometimes, the departing employees will have engaged in damaging misconduct leading up to their departure. However, … [More]

Engaging a Fundraising Consultant – the Why and the How

by Richard Tollefson and Michal Tyra

As nonprofit board members and professionals, it can be hard to ask for help. Emotion, pride and passion can be difficult and often cloud the more practical pursuit of enhanced business performance. Additionally, in a sector that often prides itself on making do with less, the idea of “scaling” programmatic and fundraising performance — and paying an outside consultant to lead … [More]

Dr. Joel P. Martin, Triad West Inc.

from Dr. Joel P. Martin

Some consider Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) simply about political correctness. However, research tells us otherwise. In 2017 Gallup convincingly “linked engagement with positive business metrics including productivity, profitability, quality, employee commitment and retention” and reported that “Diversity combined with an inclusive culture can have an even greater impact … [More]

Glenn Hickman: Advancing Sustainability at Family’s Farm Enterprise

by Claire Natale

Glenn Hickman, president of Hickman’s Family Farms, comes from a long line of innovators. In the 1940s, the first generation of Hickman’s Family Farms, Nell Hickman — along with her husband, Guy — began their backyard chicken coop with 500 chickens and a back-porch store. A savvy businesswoman, Nell used her hens’ freshly laid eggs for trade and extra income. Back then, … [More]

Employers Can Lower Diabetes Risk

by Denise de la Rama

According to the CDC, the average business owner spends roughly twice as much on employees with diabetes as on healthy employees. But those costs are shrinking thanks to a little-known and rarely used wellness program that was designed to help employees get healthier. The latest version of the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program, Prevent T2, was launched last year by the CDC to … [More]

Bayless Implements Self-Serve Pharmacy Kiosk 

by Mike Hunter

The APM Pharmacy kiosk, powered by MedAvail Technologies, is an innovative self-serve pharmacy kiosk solution that supports the dispensing of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications under the full control of a remote pharmacist in a fast, secure and convenient manner. Use of the kiosk has been adopted by Bayless Integrated Healthcare, a leader in combining … [More]

Smart Single-Use Biometric Patches

by Mike Hunter

Qualcomm Life, Inc. has designed and developed breakthrough reference designs for cost-effective, connected and medical-grade biometric patches that will enable a multitude of intelligent care models, from perioperative care to assessing the impact of therapeutic interventions. Designed to allow healthcare professionals to monitor patients across the care continuum with access … [More]

Technology Is Improving Expense Report Auditing 

by Ethan Laub and Maggie Mae Joy 

How common is expense report fraud? According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ “2016 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse,” 85 percent of all business fraud schemes involve some form of asset misappropriation, with expense fraud making up about 14 percent of such schemes. Obviously, this is a costly problem. Before the prevalence of expense … [More]

Technology Graduate Programs

by Mike Hunter

The continued acceleration of technology requisites in today’s workforce has led to a huge gap in qualified talent to fill available jobs. Seven of the top 10 “Best Jobs of 2017” identified by Indeed, the world’s No. 1 job site, are in computer science. To meet this rising need, Northcentral University, an online and graduate-focused university serving professionals globally, … [More]

The Downtown-Midtown Trifecta

by John Bonnell and Brett Abramson

A new wave of office, retail and multifamily activity has arrived in downtown and midtown Phoenix. The combination has created a self-supporting trifecta that is transforming these urban submarkets into true live-work-play environments, and attracting high-quality office tenants in droves. Significant leases from tenants like Quicken Loans, Uber Technologies, Spaces and … [More]

Arizona Center Adds Hotel

by Mike Hunter

Arizona Center, Phoenix’s original downtown entertainment destination located at 3rd St. and Van Buren, plans to add an AC Hotel by Marriott to the property. Arizona Center owners Parallel Capital Partners is partnering with Las Vegas-based LaPour Partners on the 200-key upscale, urban-inspired select-service AC Hotel Downtown Phoenix at Arizona Center, with a classic yet … [More]

24th at Camelback Refresh

by Mike Hunter

At 24th at Camelback, in the prestigious Camelback Corridor, a new monument sign and refreshed street landscaping are part of exterior ground-floor renovations that are expected to be completed this month. “Hines is investing nearly $1 million in improvements at the 24th at Camelback campus as part of our continued commitment to ensure we stay current with trends and respond to … [More]

The Block at Pima Center Leases Include Hotel Duo

by Mike Hunter

The Block at Pima Center, being developed by MainSpring Capital Group, has attracted a dual brand set of Hilton hotels. Sharing common registration and lobby space, Tru by Hilton and Home 2 Suites will offer a combined 166 rooms. Tru by Hilton is a new hotel experience that was designed to be vibrant, affordable and young-at-heart. The lobby space provides opportunities to … [More]

Global Talent Mobility Is Strategic Priority


The 22nd Talent Mobility Trends Survey, which explores how employee mobility is transforming to better support overall corporate growth strategies, found senior human resources leaders are approaching talent mobility with a new sense of purpose and support from the top. Sixty-three percent of respondents to this survey by BGRS, a leading provider of talent mobility solutions, … [More]

Profitable Culture and Demographic Fit

by Janice Vega

Chapman Automotive Group has entered into a partnership with Topgolf® in Arizona, which includes locations in Scottsdale, Gilbert and Tucson. The three-year agreement between the Chandler-based auto dealer group and the global sports entertainment leader will enhance guest experience through brand activations, music entertainment, driver appreciation nights, giveaways and … [More]

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