Greater Phoenix Home Sales, Prices Stay Steady as Residential Real Estate Figures Transition into Fall

Looking at numbers from a historical perspective, the residential real estate market in Greater Phoenix is better than expected when activity started slipping late in 2022, according to the latest market data from Phoenix REALTORS. Median sales prices in July remained generally steady at over $466,000, but down from $475,000 in June. However, the percentage of list price … [More]

Coalition Bridges Gaps to Ensure Equitable Access to Career Readiness

Arizona industry leaders in career development, educational institutions, and employer partners are joining together to launch the Arizona Coalition for Career Readiness. The coalition’s goal is to advance Arizonans’ quality of life with career development opportunities to help meet the workforce goals outlined in Achieve60AZ, an initiative that aims to help 60% of Arizona … [More]

Phoenix Maintains Current Drought Status, Encouraging Conservation Efforts

The City of Phoenix will remain in a Stage 1 Water Alert despite today’s announcement by the United States Bureau of Reclamation to return to a Tier 1 Shortage on the Colorado River in 2024 as a result of a wet winter, which elevated water levels at Lakes Powell and Mead. While this favorable winter provides temporary relief to the Colorado River System, Phoenix, which … [More]

Nonprofit to Oversee Education Program for Former Foster Youth

Nonprofit Foster Success Education Services is now managing the Education and Training Voucher (ETV) program for Arizona. The organization plans to hire three staff members in the state to oversee the program. The ETV program is a federally-funded, state-administered program that provides academic, financial and human support for young adults currently in foster care and … [More]

Optimizing Cloud Costs: 4 Keys to Ensuring the Most Value for Your Budget

by Susanne Tedrick

Perhaps you are one of the business leaders considering moving your servers to “the cloud.” After doing due diligence, you choose a provider and consider the work complete. Right? Not quite. It’s not enough to handpick a provider. Whether it’s called cloud cost management, cloud optimization or a different term, it’s crucial to optimize costs by selecting the right products at … [More]

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