Global Chamber®

Global Chamber® is the only chamber of commerce with hundreds of locations that helps member companies grow across metros and borders … with chapters in 525 metro cities globally, including Phoenix and Tucson, covering Arizona. 

Global Chamber® proactively connects members to new clients, partners, employees, investors, resources and opportunities around the world. Global Is good.

Our mission is to accelerate cross-metro and cross-border business, trade and investment in every region by engaging top executives and leaders with warm connections and timely information to grow their businesses and create more success.

Our vision is a new business reality where it’s as easy growing across regions as it is selling across the street.

I have never seen an organization with so many global, chamber and cross-chamber events and warm introductions for members to connect. Thanks to Global Chamber®, I expanded my reach, connected, and did business with companies in many parts of the world.” —Nadia Bizzarri, Clements Worldwide

What is your 2023 focus?

We are working to keep getting better at understanding member needs, helping them connect to grow with clients in cities around the state, country and world … anywhere.

This year we’re coming out with the book

“Global Is Good, “ which will form the basis of inviting more leaders to the fun of global business.

Global Chamber® is continuing to build out our proactive connection of members to new clients, partners, employees, investors, resources and opportunities around the world. 

As leaders become more global, they are led to be more mindful, professional, sustainable and successful. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!

What are the top benefits of membership and/or participation?

Members of Global Chamber® gain access to a uniquely large and trusted network that connects members to grow regionally and globally.

At a time of global risk, the new globalization requires that leaders are better connected, more collaborative and increasingly aware of challenges and opportunities, through others.

Members gain this special access through Global Chamber®, and so they are more prepared for market changes all along the way, to grow.

Members are more ready for the future than non-members, able to leap buildings in a single bound, and have a lot more fun with life, too. Miles of smiles!

Local Leader: Doug Bruhnke 

Title: Founder and CEO

How Long with Organization? 8 years 

Global Chamber® is a thriving community of professionals, mentors and innovative companies taking on the world of global business. 

Organization Name: Global Chamber LLC

Main Local Office: 4400 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 9-852, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: (480) 595-5000


No. of Members: 10,000

Types of Membership: Entrepreneur through Ambassador; Sponsorships

No. of Events per year: 650

Biggest Annual Event:
Grow Globally Fair in Phoenix and Tucson

What should a prospective member know about your organization?: At Global Chamber®, members gain High level contacts, eye-level attitude.

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Global Chamber

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