by Mike Hunter

A common problem in marketing is, what a brand says in advertising isn’t always what customers and employees experience. This book shows how to align one’s marketing efforts with the purpose of one’s brand. Too many companies depend on marketing tactics that don’t match the needs and concerns of their customers, or embrace messaging and causes that don’t connect. Authenticity is an anti-gimmick business book. It prescribes clear strategies that enable companies to communicate in a more genuine, emotional way. Authors Mark Toft, Jay Sunny and Rich Taylor provide a series of approaches to help embrace and communicate the purpose of one’s brand with effectiveness. Helpful for business executives who wants to be more persuasive or advertising professionals looking to grow their brand, this book combines the authors’ successful experiences at top agencies into practical advice that can work for anyone in any business.

Authenticity: Building a Brand in an Insincere Age

Mark Toft, Jay Sunny and Rich Taylor
198 pages
Available 1/30/2020

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