Recent Member Success Around the World 

by Alexandra Verhein



Leroy Carson, Global Chamber Atlanta (left)

Global Chamber® offers weekly articles on our blog about member successes around the world. Below are some brief snippets from the past few weeks. Basically, every day something good happens somewhere in the world, as members grow within their metro and well beyond. Every time you hear a phone ring, someone in the global tribe just got her or his wings, and another deal somewhere just happened!

Global Chamber has a deep reach into 525 metro areas around the world, so whether you need a client or partner in your hometown, across the country or across any border, we can help. Recently …

Franchisor Growing Globally — A U.S. franchisor is looking for reliable franchisees in Africa. The team at Global Chamber made introductions – and the 2nd and possibly 3rd warm intros were “right on the mark.” We can’t share more details yet, but all is progressing well from the warm intros.

Trade Mission Abidjan-to-Atlanta — Our executive director in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, connected our member to our team in Atlanta just prior to a scouting trip for a trade mission. Leroy Carson Jr., Global Advisor of Global Chamber, met them and the trade mission is planned. Watch for details!

Grow Globally Fairs — These “Fairs” are for exporters, importers and investors to meet all the global resources in their metro, all together, one time per year. Most recently, Grow Globally Fairs have been held in Phoenix and Dallas. Grow globally!

Pakistan Business Conference — Samrah Azam, executive director at Global Chamber Islamabad, held a Business Conference for regional companies to connect with the resources locally and in key countries, calling in via zoom and other technologies. Match-making across borders inspires growth!

China Universities in the U.S. — A Global Chamber member intended to bring over 20 top executives from key universities in China, and she needed to be connected to the right top administrators at local colleges. The program was put together in a couple weeks, and the event was successful!

Roasted Coffee to the World — Melody Lester of Noteworthy Selections in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, helps top roasters of coffee beans find retail outlets around the world. Within a week of becoming a member, Melody received more than 10 warm intros and meetings — and plenty of new opportunities!

Argentina’s Meditar Expanding — President Erwin Padinger of Meditar, a member company in Argentina and one of the most advanced healthcare companies in Latin America, visited the U.S., and he and his team were introduced to key contacts in the Washington, D.C., area and the Western U.S. Success!

Mexico Collaborator Supported in NYC — A key collaborator in Mexico was looking to do a big event in New York City and asked for our help to connect with local organizations. We made two key introductions for them to help ensure that their visit — with press coverage — was successful!

London Chapter “New Opportunities” — Global Chamber London Executive Director Steve Taklasingh organized a recent “New Opportunities in Europe” event that is part of an ongoing series to expose the best opportunities around the world for our members. Grow in Europe and beyond!

Watch our space here in In Business Magazine and social media to see more success stories from around the world of our members having an impact, growing business and being global and UNSTOPPABLE!

Alexandra Verhein is a marketing intern at Global Chamber.

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