Corporate Spotlight: Carmella Savory Fare

by NAWBO-Phoenix


The Passion Statement 

”We bring people together through travel and events to accomplish world peace one relationship at a time.”

We plan, coordinate and execute dining experiences that will inspire individuals to be “their best,” bond as a “family” and feel a sense of community. Our desire to make a difference in each person’s life guides us in customizing the private dinner, team building activity or learning workshop to accomplish WOW results for our clients!

Our business raises awareness of a joyful life, while creating programs filled with fun and excitement.

Our core belief is that amazing things happen when food and a dinner table are present … so everything we do involves Carmella cooking food and eating around a big table. The experience begins as guests arrive and feel the warmth and excitement of our home (or your home, or any gathering place). Everyone gathers in the kitchen, meeting new friends or rekindling friendships while Carmella prepares our meal. A magical feeling fills the air as people watch the food being prepared and the secret ingredient “Love” flavors each entree. We then sit together at our large table sharing delicious food, and each guest shares their passion. This time together becomes the catalyst that truly brings people together.

As we say, “Eat together, Evolve Together”

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for our clients to bring together customers, key executives or influential associates in a setting from which, as a result of the experience, lasting relationships will be created or enhanced. These strengthened relationships will allow company leaders to not only accomplish business goals, but also have a better understanding and insight into the people they work and do business with every day!

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Thought Starters…

Eat Together

Our signature event is to host an intimate dining experience. This includes food, drink, venue and the “magical” experience.

Play Together

We create team-buidling activities such as cooking contests or art lessons. This includes food, drink, venue and the “magical” experience.

Learn Together

We provide meeting content, typically personal development ideas. We include food, drink and a professional to guide the meetings.

Have Fun Together

We will coordinate regular activities that might include: afternoon teas, meet the president and staff luncheons, and theatre & dining experiences.

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