Global Trade Belongs to Entrepreneurs and the Young of Spirit

by Dr. Ty Richardson


Entrepreneurship is one of the most terrifying ventures anyone can endeavor. Your business starts with one simple idea, followed by brainstorming, then nurturing and growing. Finally, as you reach the critical stages along the way, you discover the fragrant fruit that has erupted out of what was once nothing. You have something, however imperfect it can be. There are ups and downs, failures and successes. But one thing that remains constant for entrepreneurs is the drive we have to make our ideas work!

The 20th century brought the birth of modern-day globalization. Since the escalation of modern technology beginning in the 1980s, we have seen rapid growth of moving products across borders and the ability to communicate with individuals halfway around the globe.

Many years ago, setting off on your own business adventure meant grueling hours of walking the streets, and many long distance and local phone calls just to establish a name for anyone and their business. Entrepreneurs since then have been able to strengthen their initial entry into their chosen field and start making connections much more rapidly than those days. We have learned how to move quickly using technology and a flexible spirit to expand our product lines to fit the needs of the public and tailor the experience to meet their wants.

As young entrepreneurs in modern times, we have the advantage of being able to work globally with a small-scale operation. Through a couple of clicks of a button, we are able to research competition and see what’s available to us for suppliers and supplies. Our shipping and receiving can be accomplished at the local post office, and new clients can learn all about us by searching a website.

There is an entire community of others who have started out as we have and are available to lend support when needed. There is a wealth of knowledge at the tips of our fingers and all we have to do is tap into it. And we do that here at Global Chamber® Trinidad and Tobago! We’re a mix of young professional and young-in-spirit entrepreneurs who are taking on the world and winning every day. It’s not always easy, but our shared challenges and opportunities in the “global tribe” keep us going, supporting each other to get to the next level.

We’re building bridges to opportunities, breaking down walls and creating success for more entrepreneurs open to the possibilities of growing in metro areas that are not their own, yet.

Dr. Ty Richardson is the Executive Director at Global Chamber Trinidad and Tobago

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