Five Tips from Brilliant Global Leaders

by Doug Bruhnke

Mike Patterson (Polsinelli) and Carlos Slim (world’s second-richest man)

Mike Patterson (Polsinelli) and Carlos Slim (world’s second-richest man)

It’s inspirational to hang out with the brilliant leaders at the Global Chamber® across 500 metro areas around the world. Here are five tips from our inspiring members for executives on growing business globally.

  1. Think Global. It’s harder than it sounds because we surround ourselves with local people and local organizations, and yet the opportunities are “out there” … somewhere else. So thinking globally — like Kyle Walker (Shanghai) of Green Card Fund — is an essential part of success. In baseball, “hit ’em where they ain’t”; in business, “go to where they are.” Kyle and his team definitely think global.
  2. Have a Plan. Global business requires a higher level of foundational capability for companies. This is why, as part of Export Circlessm, we work with companies on their basic strengths along with the other areas they need to cross borders. CEO Lee Benson (Phoenix) of Able Aerospace, with 40 percent of sales as exports from the U.S. focuses his team on having a great plan, and then, of course, executing! But first, have a plan!
  3. Hire Talent. Vendome Partners’ Fabien Bertault (Paris) shares in our Video Room the special hiring requirements of global companies looking for globally talented professionals and executives. It’s not easy, but it’s also not difficult when you use the services of Fabien’s team. At the board level, Susan Shultz writes this month in In Business Magazine on why and how to create a global board of directors (next page).
  4. Share the Global Love. Melissa Sanderson of global mining giant Freeport McMoRan is so globally aware after eight foreign assignments, including eight years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasha), that she can handle all things global by herself, thank you. But she includes her team and shares information with everyone, because more gets done. It’s a wonderful best practice, and few companies practice it.
  5. Execute and Stick To It. The global team of Polsinelli led by Tony Nasharr (Chicago) is consistently connected to the world … executing tirelessly on behalf of clients. That’s what it takes for executives and their service providers, because one moment of distraction creates legal or other issues that can unravel success very quickly. Think, plan, hire, share … and execute. And stick to it!

Doug Bruhnke is the CEO and Founder at Global Chamber®

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