Enhance Personal Skills to Improve Teamwork and Results

by Stephanie Sherman Dolan

global-Enhance-Personal-SkillsExpanding your business on the global stage requires a well-tuned organization with high-performance people consistently making good decisions all along the way. As you navigate new markets and develop your global business plan, teamwork is crucial to the execution of your company’s vision. Successful teamwork relies upon open communication, accurate goal setting and effective problem solving. Executive coaching can improve your team’s performance in all three areas by creating behavioral changes that have a profound impact on global organizational outcomes.

A recent example for our team is a corporation that previously had struggled to unite their sales, service and accounting teams. Instead of working with one another, they often felt at odds, each pursuing departmental goals, unable to find a common vision. That caused discord within the organization, disrupted productivity and detracted from overall job satisfaction. Has that ever happened in your organization?

After engaging in coaching individually and collectively, all three teams were able to align their goals and objectives. They acquired the skills necessary to communicate effectively and started to see other employees as assets, not obstacles. Participants reported feeling more valued in their roles and better equipped to handle difficult discussions, and the world! Their sales and production quickly reached their highest levels ever. More effective teamwork made the difference.

Having enhanced personal and interpersonal skills leads to less conflict and greater productivity. Through coaching, leaders learn how to better communicate with their team to achieve optimum cooperation and productivity. Understanding how to set appropriate expectations and effectively communicate those expectations is a crucial part. In addition, team members become better equipped to both give and receive feedback, allowing for constant improvement and flexibility as they implement global growth.

Effective communication creates trust, diminishes redundancy and improves client services. Within the team dynamic, open communication empowers individual team members. It encourages everyone to provide input drawing from their unique strengths and allows for a free exchange of ideas. Effective team engagement leads to higher job satisfaction and greater quality of work. It encourages a safe space for creativity and maximizes a team’s options when troubleshooting or problem solving — critical when you’re looking for an edge — on the global stage.

By understanding an individual’s thought processes, one can identify inaccurate schemas that can derail progress. This awareness helps an individual ask more productive questions of themselves and others and will lead to better problem solving, greater productivity and increased confidence for the individual and the global team. This is another successful outcome of effective executive coaching.

Your people are the key to the successful execution of your company’s goals and objectives. As your business expands, being able to communicate effectively beyond cultural borders becomes an imperative. As you enter the global market, fostering effective and efficient teamwork through coaching will greatly enhance overall satisfaction for your team as well as your clients. Coaching strengthens your global positioning by improving your team’s ability to communicate, plan, and problem-solve. As you look outward to grow, look inward to support your optimum success.

Stephanie Sherman Dolan is coordinating coach at Brandon Barber Coaching. 

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