The IT Challenges of Business Success

by Eric Sables

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and have now moved from a “startup, small business” to a “medium-sized business” (100–999 employees). You’ve been able to outsource your IT needs to a small service provider that has adequately fulfilled your IT requirements, and you expect that your supporting technology will keep pace with your business goals.

The “mom and pop” IT companies that supported you on your way up may hinder you as you become larger. These small service providers often lack the experience and skillsets needed to create the IT strategies that will propel your company to the next level. So, now what?

Being in this situation can be daunting. Some of the questions that you may face are:

  • Do I continue to outsource my entire IT, or insource some or all functions?
  • What skills and IT functions do I hire first?
  • I’m not an IT expert; what skills do I ask for in a job posting?
  • What do I look for when reviewing IT resumes and performing interviews?
  • How many IT employees should I have for the company of my size?

Don’t panic, help is out there! Consultants specializing in IT strategy and operations can assist with almost every facet of creating a new IT department from scratch, or selecting the best outsourcing company. Consultants can provide insider insight that will give you the all-important first hire, which will be the foundation of future hires.

There is another challenge that is often ignored until it is too late. Information technology has its own language, and each IT specialization is unique. Sometimes, you need a trusted translator who can speak the languages of IT and ask the questions that need asking. This translation challenge is a two-way street. IT can misunderstand, or misinterpret the business requirements and waste precious resources providing incorrect or sub-optimal solutions. An experienced consultant can provide universal translation services and set the tone for successful conversations moving forward.

Once you’ve hired the core of your new IT department and developed a culture of open communication between the business and IT, you’ll be ready to create your new IT strategy and build your technology roadmaps.

Your company will now be back on the path to success. Your IT department will become a business enabler supporting growth rather than an obstacle hindering it.

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