Building Better Nonprofits Builds Healthier Communities

by David Martinez III

No business is an island. Businesses are successful as a community — at least in part as a result of partners and suppliers with whom they work. The nonprofit sector is the same way.

There are more than 22,000 registered nonprofits in Arizona. While they are the fifth largest non-governmental employer in the state, fewer than 3,000 nonprofits employ people full- or part-time. The nonprofit community must be successful together, and the opportunity to make the most of passionate volunteers and paid employees in the service of improving the well-being of Arizonans statewide is enormous.

That’s why building the capacity of community-based leaders, organizations and coalitions is a key goal for Vitalyst Health Foundation. Our portfolio of resources take form as Technical Assistance Partnership, or TAP Tools. This suite of options is now available to any Arizona-based organizations working to improve health and well-being.

Tools that Enable Mission Focus
Vitalyst partners with organizations of all kinds — from small startups providing key services to multi-million-dollar operations holding federal contracts. Regardless, they may find themselves in need of crucial support. “Back office” functions such as accounting, grant application assistance, cashflow management and more are key features of our fiscal sponsorship platform.

Tools that Tap into Nonprofit and Community Expertise
Like any company does, nonprofits benefit greatly from organizational consulting — known in the nonprofit sector as technical assistance. Vitalyst invests directly in convening, development and growth of a diverse, multi-faceted group of consultants who provide assistance ranging from a short strategic facilitation to a monthslong engagement that transforms organizational impact.

Tools that Bring Partners Together Just like in the business world, nonprofit leadership can be lonely at the top. That’s why Vitalyst hosts — and partners with organizations to host — frequent free workshops for nonprofit leaders and managers. These gatherings directly address challenges, provide practical steps and spark valuable sharing and networking.

All of Vitalyst’s investments recognize nonprofits as a crucial catalyst in improving the health of all Arizonans. Where nonprofit leaders are often strapped for time and funds for organizational capacity, Vitalyst offers solutions. And we continually adapt over time, based on direct community feedback.

Healthy communities need healthy nonprofits. The work to ensure everyone has the opportunity for health — physical, mental, economic, and social — simply cannot be done by one entity.

Vitalyst stands ready to help build capacity, and the first step to accessing these solutions is an easy one. Complete the TAP Discovery form, and in short order we will get back to you on how Vitalyst can help.

David Martinez III, is the director of capacity building & community engagement at Vitalyst Health Foundation.

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