Benefits of ASBA Relationship Development for Supply Chain

by Ashley Vizzerra

Market expansion: The ability to expand business to new verticals, Mexico, etc. is a huge asset. Many times, these opportunities have not been readily available to small companies.

  • Information sharing and collaboration: Access to thought leadership of the association members (big and small) for information exchange, learning, best practices and opportunity brainstorming.
  • Decision makers: Access to decision makers at large companies; the opportunity to have an ally within these large companies, including the founding corporation.
  • New distribution: Access to showcase and distribution points offered by the group.
  • Marketing: Connection to a larger name-brand organization means you gain from their existing branding.
  • Free research; R&D share: Research conducted by smaller companies from within the association as well as many of the larger sponsor companies. Large companies can see cutting-edge technologies that are just starting to come to light.
  • Exposure to new companies: Access to clients, partners and other member companies and gaining new market knowledge.
  • Product creation: Access to association partners for opportunity to co-brand/co-create products. Multiple companies to help drive innovation in a faster timeframe with better results.
  • Networking: Expansion of the business social network to include highly intelligent, knowledgeable, motivated people who understand the exchange of support and are willing to offer theirs.

The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA), in strategic partnership with the preeminent thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the state, can assist you with collaboration relationship development. We are the leading SMB association in Arizona leveraging the brain trust within our membership base and beyond; ASBA adds immeasurable value to the businesses we represent. We provide members opportunities for networking and professional development along with access to tools and resources, while working to elevate and promote the discipline of partnership management.

Success Team program for large and/or small business alliances is managed by Robin Duncan, senior director of membership.

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