How Accountability Helps You Master Your Goals 

by Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

As the facilitator of High Stakes Mastermind Groups, I see a lot of driven, organized people. And they’re reaching their goals through accountability. These people know what they are doing. These people have it together. They are executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, trailblazers and leaders. They’re educated and have big dreams. Often, they’ve made their dreams come true without people believing in them, and without people behind them 100 percent. Still, they have persevered and made it happen.

It takes guts, courage and no excuses. And the reality is, everyone needs someone, especially when they are setting new goals. Goals have a way of falling apart when you don’t have someone to hold you accountable. When nobody is looking, you may take it easier on yourself. “Nobody is watching,” you think, “so if I fail, it’s not a big deal.” That’s where Mastermind Groups come in.

Being part of a Mastermind Group is like having your own board of directors. Except you’re not obligated to do what they tell you; they exist for you. That’s the truly cool part. It’s not just having one accountability partner, but many. They offer you professional relationships whereby the members support, empower and hold each other accountable for their actions. That is the way members help each other achieve their specific goals by coming up with thoughtful, useful and timely information that will add value to the lives and careers of group members.

As a member, you’re being backed by and collaborating with some of the strongest, smartest and best thinkers and leaders out there — the people in some of the top leader and executive roles available. Not only are they helping you by feeding your mind with positive energy and fuel to reach your goals, but you’re helping them as well. Some people think, “I have nothing to contribute. These people are way more accomplished than I am.” Well, allow me to stop you right there. Everyone has something of value to give, over and over again.

We’ll even empower you to contribute — because it’s the cornerstone of your own accountability. Through accountability we help you master your goals.

Stephanie Angelo is a Mastermind Group facilitator for various professionals in a breadth of industries, from those who work in nonprofits to marketers, real-estate agents, physicians, financial planners and graphic designers. Like an architect for business, she helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs grow and build their own enterprises. See what it’s all about at at Stephanie’s website..

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