500 Metros, Unlimited Opportunities

by Arielle Cottrell

shutterstock_164214593It’s not a secret that joining a chamber of commerce can provide you with a valuable network and help your business grow. Chambers of commerce exist to further the interest of businesses by connecting them with each other, their target markets and resources they need to be successful. The question is no longer “if” a company should join a chamber, but “which ones?”

Companies that do business in more than one locale often join several local chambers of commerce in order to connect with the business communities in each area and get the support they need. In an increasingly global marketplace, more and more companies are doing business across borders, whether between states or internationally. Global Chamber® was created to support companies who do cross-border business by providing them with resources, connections and a global network to further their growth. Companies that do business globally face unique challenges, such as:

  • Cross-border, cross-cultural issues that get in the way of fast progress;
  • Higher than expected costs due to additional administrative, shipping, legal and other expenses;
  • Language barriers that cause issues to be “lost in translation”;
  • Higher risk due to fear of payments not being made, and other uncertainties;
  • Confounding tax, accounting, legal and other differences that slow down progress;
  • Difficulty in making just the right connections for trusted customers and partners;
  • Building credibility quickly in countries and regions outside the home base;
  • Failed deals with customers, dealers, distributors, employees and partners; and
  • Frustration that it always takes longer and costs more money than planned.

Global Chamber eases the pain of doing business globally by filling in the gaps that happen across borders. Members receive access to resources and training that are tailor-made for solving the unique pains of international business. Most importantly, members of the “global tribe” become part of a borderless network through having access to trusted connections in 500 Global Chamber metro locations around the world — and that includes more than 5,000 cities and millions of connections.

Joining a local chamber remains essential to forging meaningful connections and a deep network for your company within a local community. If you seek additional growth for your company beyond one metro area, join Global Chamber to connect, grow and solve regional and global challenges.

Arielle Cottrell is the marketing manager of Global Chamber®

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