Jordan Rose

I love solving people’s problems and I am very clear that is my purpose in life.

Why do you believe honoring achievement is important?

I find inspiration in those who are doing great things around our community. Hearing the stories and visions of our local leaders provides the jolt we often need to think outside the box and do more. Understanding our community from different points of view is crucial to making it better. Reading about how others are spending their time allows us to gain insight into the things that are important to people we may not interact with on a daily basis. It allows us to step outside our immediately accessible environment, and sometimes that will lead to ideas that literally can change the world. The bottom line is that good things happen when achievement is illuminated! 

What insights have you gained in your career that would inspire others?

Be true to yourself. Don’t allow someone else to define your path or dictate your definition of success or a fulfilling life. 

I had a life-changing experience as a new attorney. A female partner took me into her office telling me that if I looked like I look (similar to how I look now minus wrinkles!) no one would hire me as an attorney. She explained I needed to lose my sense of fashion and organize my crazy hair. I tried for a week until my dad, who, living in Ohio and talking to me by phone, said I seemed “off.” I told him how I was attempting to conform and he called nonsense. I backtracked the conformity and decided just to work harder than anyone else. It’s worked out. If you be yourself always, you will always do the right thing.

What can we do — now — to make a difference for young people/women in Arizona?

Let’s stop talking about gender differences and focus on excellence. If you work hard, regardless of your gender, you will succeed. If you are good at the hard work you do, others will want you to do that work for them, again, regardless of your gender. Stop expending any energy on gender differences and focus on becoming the best person of any gender that you can be. That will save a lot of time worrying about these things and allow more time for excellence. 

My parents never told me that a woman could not do the same thing a man can do. In fact, it never occurred to me that success as a woman in my age group should be unique. I hope that all young women can just presume they will be as successful as they want to be and not wonder if being a female will impact that in any way.

About Me:

Jordan Rich Rose started Rose Law Group PC leasing space for just herself in another lawyer’s storage room and has, in 23 years, grown the firm to be the largest woman-owned law firm in Arizona history. Rose Law Group is also the first full-service law firm on the metaverse for metaverse-based businesses and the first law firm in the world to employ blockchain developers, coders and 3D architects to work with lawyers to take a Web3 project from legal due diligence through to design and construction. Rose practices in the areas of business consulting, government relations, municipal issues, land use, zoning, sports law, Web3, administrative law and lobbying. 

In Few Words

  • What was the last course, certification or training you took to improve yourself professionally? I am going through the Harvard Business School program with YPO right now and hope to graduate within the next decade!
  • What would you say is a single characteristic OTHERS might attribute to you that defines your success? Energetic
  • What is the one thing you feel you could work on professionally to be a greater success? Find time to read more about businesses that are starting up around the world. 
  • What is the one professional skill you have that has gotten you where you are today? Hard work 
  • What is the single greatest issue facing Arizona today? Water

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