Class A for Airport & Tempe

by Mike Hunter

Park Garden and Park Bridge at Fountainhead — 127,226 square feet and 164,785 square feet, respectively — is a recently renovated, two-building Class A office campus positioned to meet high demand for the Sky Harbor Airport and Tempe markets, but at a fraction of nearby rental rates. On-site amenities include Lucy’s Fountainhead Café and an extensive park-like campus with … [More]

Desert Ridge Marketplace Renovation

by Mike Hunter

Phoenix-based Vestar has commenced the renovation of its shopping center Desert Ridge Marketplace in north Phoenix, which, opened in 2001, served as the cornerstone in generating the Desert Ridge master plan. The $15-million overhaul will include new furnishings and fixtures, an artistic landscape design, a new brand look and feel and a robust calendar of events. Vestar plans … [More]

Camelback Corridor Office/Hotel Development

by Mike Hunter

Located on Camelback Road between 28th and 29th Streets, in the heart of Phoenix’s Biltmore Financial District, Camelback Collective will be comprised of a 120,000-square-foot, Class A mid-rise office building, a 160-room AC by Marriott hotel, and surface and subterranean parking. Graycor Construction Company will lead the design-build construction for Las Vegas-based … [More]

AI for FinTech Talent

by Mike Hunter

Untapt is a talent marketplace that uses proprietary artificial intelligence to connect leading global FinTech and financial services firms with highly-skilled engineers and technology professionals. The company’s powerful data-driven platform uses complete candidate and hiring-side data sets to create precise connections between tech talent and open positions. CEO and … [More]

Hiring by Video

by Mike Hunter

Recruit is a one-stop-shop career platform where candidates and employers alike can share their qualifications and be matched to opportunity and talented candidates via their portal. Through its video feature, employers can avoid the need to invest time and money in having their first interaction with a potential candidate be a “blind,” face-to-face interview. Candidate skills … [More]


by Mike Hunter

Yatra has created an exceptionally durable and rugged phone cable, the 2in1 Super Cable. Made to work with any lightning or micro USB charger, the Super Cable fits iPhone and Android devices. The data and power wire core is housed in aluminum shielding that, in turn is wrapped with a woven steel inner braid and finally an outer jacket of braided nylon, giving it its durable and … [More]

2017 Camaro ZL1

by Mike Hunter

This known beast is back with vengeance. The Camaro ZL1 is perhaps the most impressive mainstream vehicle on the market and is equipped to impress.  We mean impress. With its 650 horsepower and an LT4 6.2-liter V8 engine with intake exhaust, it is no wonder everyone on the road is jealous of this edition. This is the most powerful Camaro ever produced. But it doesn’t stop … [More]

Retreat to Meet

by Mike Hunter

Many companies believe that an off-site meeting or retreat will help executives and employees stay focused on the topics at hand. In Business Magazine has chosen some top locations in the Valley for that perfect planned get-away from the day-to-day. Black Canyon Conference Center This property in the northern part of Phoenix boasts state-of-the-art audio visual technologies … [More]

Cornish Pasty Co.: Main Course Pastry

by Mike Hunter

Growing up in Saltash, Cornwall, the westernmost county in England, Dean Thomas, founder of Cornish Pasty Company, was introduced to this famed food — the pasty. Thomas’ first restaurant in Tempe was a local favorite, and he has expanded now to other parts of the Valley, including a bungalow-style location in Old Town Scottsdale. The scrumptious dish is a virtual “pastry … [More]

The Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader

by Mike Hunter

This is the sequel from Hans Finzel, Ph.D., to his popular book The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. That book is about what to avoid; this one is about what to master. In this book, he outlines the positive traits and skills every new leader should master. He shows readers the two most important words in a leader’s vocabulary, the skills a leader needs to communicate … [More]

High-Growth Levers

by Mike Hunter

“Mark’s strategies show how even business[es] in the most dire of times still have a set of responsibilities, a path and processes that they can follow that will optimize their chance of turnaround and long-term success.” —Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me. Leading corporate strategist Mark Faust proves that one’s business … [More]

Stadium Status

by Mike Hunter

Business as usual is ancient history. Large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, even CEOs and politicians must make the move from simply selling a product or service to delivering a mind-blowing customer experience. They have to learn to play at the level athletes and entertainers call “stadium status.” Stadium status is that elusive place every coach, athlete, … [More]

Feedback: March 2017

by Melanie Isaacs | Jason Moore | Nicola M. Winkel, MPA

What difference has mentoring made for you in building your business? Melanie Isaacs Founder and Chief Inclusion Officer PAL Experiences Sector: Social Enterprise Nonprofit I left a job of relative stability for the life of an entrepreneur — and have never looked back. Not that it is easy. It’s not. In fact, it is an addicting roller-coaster of wins and confidence … [More]

March 2017 Message from Phaedra Earhart

by Phaedra Earhart

So far, this year has been full of forming new partnerships and creating lasting relationships with our community partners, such as ASBA, ASU Sparxx, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, e-Women Network and Athena Valley of the Sun, to name just a few. We are looking for more community alliances to partner with on a monthly basis so that members and those interested in … [More]

Focus on Your Digital Marketing to Increase Sales 

by Jim Varner and Laurie Anderson

A website with an integrated CRM (customer relationship management) may be the tool to drive increased sales, since it allows you to focus on your top prospects! Ideally, you want to achieve increased sales and better customer service with minimal effort. A CRM tool allows you to manage customer information in one location and provides valuable insights into your customer’s … [More]

7 Steps to Effective Delegation 

by Cindy Gordon

Having a successful, thriving company can only occur when your team flourishes. The onus is on leaders to create a business culture that focuses on helping each person grow and expand her skills, knowledge and responsibilities. Unfortunately, this can be very challenging for many of us because of a lack of time and an inability to delegate work effectively. We always have too … [More]

Sitting Is a Pain in the Butt 

by Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB

Have you heard the idiom “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”? Well, instead of walking in someone else’s shoes, I have been sitting in someone else’s office chair. All I can say is, given the option, hand me those shoes! I’ll admit I’ve been spoiled. For the last 17 years as a self-developed, movement-based therapist and educator teaching Kinessage® to therapists, my days … [More]

Getting Back to Basics with Healthcare

by Melanie Dunlap

Our first form of medicine was herbs. Even with our scientific advances, plants are still one of our most valuable healthcare resources. Discussions about healthcare tend to focus on big-ticket items like hospital stays, doctor visits and medical tests. But that is only a fraction of healthcare and doesn’t even address the issue of prevention. It is estimated that … [More]

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