2017 Lincoln Navigator

by RaeAnne Marsh

One of the first luxury SUVs to ever hit the market, the Lincoln Navigator has come a long way. With fuel efficiencies that are leading the market, a mild redesign to speak to today’s tech and design trends, and overall performance that is all about quality and toughness that is inherent with parent company, Ford, the new Nav is hitting the market to great acclaim. The … [More]

Car Care to Impress

by RaeAnne Marsh

In business, “putting your best foot forward” extends to one’s wheels, too. These local detailers will give a car the spiff-up it truly deserves and provide their customers with the luxury and ease of mobile or shuttle service. Advanced Auto Detail comes straight to the customer’s door, offering the works at value prices. Mobile service Valley-wide (623) 776-2070 The … [More]

Doughbird Takes Flight

by RaeAnne Marsh

Fast, simple and comfortable. In a nutshell, Doughbird — the newest concept in our midst from restaurateur Sam Fox — delivers a quality option for businesspeople fitting lunch into a busy day. The large dining room welcomes with an atmosphere that is an unusual amalgam of the contemporary warehouse vogue with cafeteria-style tables and chairs below exposed ceiling beams and … [More]

The Coffee Perk

by RaeAnne Marsh

Coffee bars retain their allure for casual meetings and a quick time out. Adding to the corporate mix are several local stand-outs. These are some of our favorites. Cartel Coffee Lab Cartel has built up its profile by partnering with numerous retail purveyors around the Valley as well as its wholesale distribution. But it also invites coffee lovers to its own cafés for a … [More]

Change the Way You Change!

by Mike Hunter

Great leaders of change positively impact business performance by fundamentally working differently from most leaders in three ways. First, they change how they think and talk about change. Second, they change their approach to change by engaging both individuals and the organization. And third, they elevate what they do as a leader and the roles they play. In Change the Way … [More]

The Leadership Mind Switch

by Mike Hunter

The Leadership Mind Switch provides the critical lessons needed to lead a company in a fully globalized business world where radical technologies reign supreme. Debra Benton and Kylie Wright-Ford have helped some of today’s most top executives successfully position themselves and their companies for the future. Now, in this groundbreaking leadership guide, they share their … [More]

The Lean Strategy

by Mike Hunter

A lean strategy is about gaining a competitive edge by offering better quality products at competitive prices and making a sustainable profit by eliminating waste through engaging employees in discovering deeper ways to think about their own jobs and smarter ways of working together. In its current form, lean has been radically effective, but its true powers have yet to be … [More]

Feedback: June 2017

by Dick Bates | Geoffrey Gray | Craig Jackson | Munira Smith

Question: What are you doing now to attract business among tourists that is different from what you were doing 10 years ago, and why? Dick Bates General Manager Arizona Biltmore Golf Club Sector: Golf The golf business continues to evolve, and marketing to visitors has changed as well. Ten years ago, we were dependent on third-party advertising vehicles to get our … [More]

What the Sales Leader of the Year Wants You to Know About Sales

by Chris Samuels

For nearly 40 years, Karla Boyles has been involved in selling one thing or another. She started her career in the fitness industry, then in 2004 moved to hotels, eventually settling into her role as director of sales for the Hampton Inn & Suites Tempe and the adjacent Red Lion Inn. Except she never settled. Now, with her being honored as the Hampton Sales Leader … [More]

Flame Broiler Aims to Bring Healthy, Affordable Food to Tempe

by Chris Samuels

Southern California is known for a few distinctive things: sunny, temperate skies; health-conscious food; and miles of easygoing beaches. Unfortunately, beaches aren’t coming to Arizona. Or reasonable temperatures in the summer. What is coming, however, is a couple from California looking to bring something new to Tempe and the Valley of the Sun: healthy food at a low … [More]

Tempe Chamber’s Military Committee Honors Airman

by Chris Samuels

In a ceremony honoring the bravery and service of a former airman of the 944th Fighter Wing, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce bestowed the honor to another of the base’s best. Staff Sgt. Allen J. Long, a low observable aircraft structural technician tasked with testing the Air Force’s newest hardware, the F-35 Lightning II, was awarded the Graydon Williams Award earlier this … [More]

Small Business Continues to Lead Arizona – Arizona Small Business Association is the Leader 

by Jack Lunsford

Who creates the jobs in Arizona? Simple answer: Small businesses represent more than 99 percent of Arizona’s entire private-sector economy, with minority-owned businesses accounting for 25 percent of those businesses. And 88 percent of the state’s exporters are small businesses. Small business employs almost 1,000,000 growth of 2015. These figures come from the 2017 … [More]

Arizona’s New Paid Sick Leave Policies: It’s Time to Get Ready! 

by Otto S. Shill, III

Summer is upon us and so are Arizona’s new sick time pay rules. On July 1, 2017, virtually all Arizona employers must begin providing either 25 or 40 hours per year of paid sick leave to their employees. The new sick leave requirement, which was part of a 2016 voter initiative that also increased Arizona’s minimum wage, requires Arizona employers to track both the accrual and … [More]

Have We Reached ‘Peak’ Professional Conferencing?

by Ryan Smeets

I would argue that we have, and yet fads continue to surprise me. Remember when the iPhone came out in 2009 and Apple’s first campaign was titled “There’s an app for that”? Today, we could substitute the word “app” for conference, summit or expo. There is little shortage of local, national or regional conferences to attend based upon an industry, field of study or trending … [More]

Why Offer Group Insurance? 

by Kristine Kassel

Even with all the talk of changing the Health Care Reform System, the laws have not yet changed. As an individual and a business, you still have the same responsibilities that you had last year. So, you are required to have health insurance as an individual. And the reporting and compliance requirements as a business offering insurance are still the same. It’s hard, when we … [More]

SRP Delivers the Tools to Help Your Business Thrive

by Salt River Project

The early leaders of SRP understood the importance of growth in the Valley, which is why they worked to bring a reliable source of water and power to the area. Today, SRP continues to support the Valley by providing these essential services and offering tools to help you grow your business. Workshops to help your business thrive. SRP empowers your business to succeed by … [More]

5 Reasons Why a Strong Brand Is Important for Your Small Business

by Angelia Hill

  Small-business owners are at the leading edge of the business world. As forward- thinkers, they love the rush of turning a new idea into reality. As idea people, they sometimes lack the logistics, like marketing and branding, to get ahead of the competition. Building a solid foundation, developing key potential partnerships, and understanding how customers … [More]

The Solution for Sustainable Success: Trust Your Instincts

by Eric Herrera

I work with entrepreneurs every day. The successful ones have tapped into a sort of formula that allows them to obtain success they can sustain. They’ll start by evaluating their natural strengths — their instincts — and how that impacts the way they lead a team. Here are the components: Find out how you do things. The most successful business owners I work with start by … [More]

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