Greater Expectations: New Economic Opportunity in Arizona 

by RaeAnne Marsh

There is tremendous opportunity in Greater Phoenix to grow business and continue diversifying our economic and employment base that will bring opportunity for our residents and move our innovation-centered economy forward. Supporting this assessment, Chris Camacho, president and CEO of Greater Phoenix Economic Council, says, “To meet the increasing demand, buildings continue to … [More]

How We Make the Most of Our Potential – What’s Next

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Statewide, we have many opportunities and momentum, but we need to come together to plan for the future,” says Carrie Kelly, executive director of Arizona Association for Economic Development, emphasizing the need for collaboration on a united, long-term economic development vision and goals. “We need all Arizona residents to be covered by regional visioning processes, and … [More]

How We Make the Most of Our Potential – What We’re Doing Now

by RaeAnne Marsh

“We are making the most of our potential by continuing to court, in a systematic way, the organizations that fit best with the business ecosystems that are thriving in Phoenix,” says Mayor Kate Gallego, naming semiconductors, advanced manufacturing, biosciences, electric vehicles, healthcare professions, financial services and construction. “Phoenix is the fifth largest city … [More]

How We Got Here

by RaeAnne Marsh

With more than two decades’ experience in her field, Phoenix’s community and economic development director Christine Mackay says, “I’ve never seen a market like today." “We’re reaping the benefit of all the work our development community put in, in the time that was the Great Recession,” she adds, explaining that universities, community colleges and the development community … [More]

What the Opportunity Is for Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

“For me one of the most encouraging signs is the ‘Phoenix Global Rising’ initiative which dares to claim Phoenix as a leading global city,” says Doug Bruhnke, founder and CEO of Global Chamber, contrasting now to the last deep recession and sharing that Global Chamber recently prepared an "Invest in Arizona" presentation for Japanese companies that highlights the dynamics in … [More]

The Greater Phoenix Market Now – Surging

by RaeAnne Marsh

Business growth and population growth go hand in hand, observes Micah Miranda, economic director for the City of Chandler, and notes, “People are moving here because of great job opportunities that promise a better quality of life.” On the business side, he notes access to talent is one of the top factors in most corporate location decisions, and “businesses choose Metropolitan … [More]

Jerry Colangelo, JDM Partners

from Jerry Colangelo

Arizona has been lauded in recent years as one of the fastest-growing states in the country, one of the strongest for entrepreneurial growth, and even its composite cities have been singled out for various economic distinctions. Our natural characteristics — proximity to global markets, ample sunshine, an unbeatable quality of living — have played a role in some of the growth. … [More]

Leading When Times Are Good

by Zanzibar Vermiglio

It’s almost second nature for business leaders to lean in and help their team weather a storm. The pandemic was a perfect example, as many companies were trying to figure out new and creative ways to make sales to keep from closing their doors. On the other hand, these trying times turned into a pot of gold for many companies that were able to pivot quickly. The stream of new … [More]

How Stress Is Costing You Your Business

by Jen Butler

Business owners make stressful decisions for the sake of their company — work longer hours, placate toxic but irreplaceable employees, take on more responsibility, delegate less. They do what they have to do.  These leaders expend time, resources and money because they get a return on their investment, but often that ROI ignores one vital factor: the overwhelming cost of … [More]

Reopening Buildings Safely after COVID-19: Why Fire Safety Systems Maintenance Is Essential

by James Tomes

Over the course of the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an unpredictable landscape for businesses of all types. Closures of restaurants, retail locations, entertainment venues and office buildings frequently occurred with little, or sometimes no, advance notice. Since the pandemic response has not been a linear process, but rather a series of rapidly unfolding … [More]

SanTan Brewery: Creating Earthly Change through Partnership and Innovation

by Tyler Butler

Since 2007, Arizona’s craft can pioneers have been an agent for positive change. Originally launched in the heart of Historic Downtown Chandler, SanTan Brewery’s operations grew quickly. And, through its continued dedication to innovation and partnership, the SanTan Brewing Company has been able to revolutionize its industry while keeping community at the forefront of its … [More]

What Is the YOLO Economy?

by Charles Jackson

The acronym “YOLO” took the world by storm in 2011 when Canadian rapper Drake used the term, meaning You Only Live Once, in a song. Since then, YOLO has been used far and wide as a newer version of carpe diem, or seize the day, as a way to encourage people to take risks and live life to the fullest. Now YOLO is being used to describe a new mindset that is changing the economy … [More]

Proactively Plan for Consumer Privacy Laws 

by Scott Bennett

When the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union implemented the comprehensive General Data Protection Regulation law to improve data protection and privacy throughout Europe in 2018, many Arizona business owners didn’t think it applied to them.  But if they do any business in Europe, it does; and with California and Virginia passing similar laws and … [More]

Engaged with Purpose: Who’s Driving the CAR?

by Joshua Zahn

It’s not enough to know something; a person must engage to see results. And what drives anyone’s engagement will significantly impact whether they stay engaged for the long run. According to Gallup (2021), only 35% of employees in the United States are engaged in their jobs. For business leaders, that means that, statistically, six out of 10 U.S. employees are not engaged. … [More]

Affordable Homes within Reach

by Lisa Urias

As our state confronts the third most severe affordable housing shortage in the nation, it’s clear that the status quo won’t cut it for average Arizonans. Compounded with rising rental rates, soaring overall demand and a high percentage of households at risk of eviction, the number of people experiencing homelessness has risen steadily in recent years. As a community-centric … [More]

Once-and-Done Listing for e-Commerce Sellers

by Mike Hunter

Seeking a solution to the frustrating and laborious process of listing merchandise on multiple channels, Amanda Morse and Clara Albornoz founded List Perfectly in 2019. Created by sellers for sellers, the versatile e-commerce solution enables sellers to efficiently list and cross-post products on multiple major marketplaces and channels – at no additional charge, and cutting … [More]

YellowBird Bridges the Gap in the Health & Safety Community

by Brandon Clarke

A chance encounter at an accelerator event brought the co-founders of YellowBird together and it was only a matter of months before their idea for a two-way marketplace between environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals and the companies that need their services started to take off.  “YellowBird was inspired by a culmination of my experience and a very opportunistic … [More]

Mark Hangen: Scaling a Company to National Success 

by Kassidy McDonald

Starting a national service-driven company is no easy feat, but that’s what Easy Ice, LLC accomplished while becoming the largest full-service leasing ice machine company. Founded in 2009 by Mark Hangen, Easy Ice (now headquartered in Arizona) is a national ice machine subscription company with 25,000 ice makers deployed in various industries across 47 states.  Building a … [More]

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