RAADR: Using Technology Against Cyber Threats

by RaeAnne Marsh

raadrBullying and stalking in the cyber world is not only easy to accomplish, it’s easy to hide. Jacob DiMartino took the expertise he’d gained in helping businesses engage effectively in social media, and developed RAADR as a platform to, he says, “arm parents with a snapshot of what’s going on with their kids.” His concern, he explains, is “kids don’t know how exposed they make themselves.”

Proprietary software is programmed to recognize key “threat” words, based on 20 topics such as sex, drugs, ISIS recruiting — including related sub-key words — and send those posts to the parents. A facial recognition feature allows the client to upload a photo, and it then scours the Net for unauthorized use, including bogus accounts using that picture with someone else’s name. An extension within the platform allows parents to see messages, such as on Instagram and Facebook. RAADR updates the keyword database every day, and its users can update it as well. “We review [the words submitted by users], then, if we approve them, we add them,” DiMartino explains.

“Words are tagged to what kids are posting,” DiMartino says, noting, “That and private messaging is where you see the bullying. That’s where it starts.”

DiMartino is pursuing RAADR’s potential in B2B application as well. Debuting an initiative to work with police departments throughout Arizona, the company has partnered with the Buckeye Police Department with a more robust law enforcement portal that allows the police to monitor a wider range of information to help them fight cybercrime as well as protect kids at school from shootings and bullying.

The apps for parents and law enforcement are revenue-generating, but RAADR also offers a free “bullying” app that kids can download for free. “They can report abuse in real-time,” DiMartino says. “Who’s going to know first if there’s a shooting? The kids.” He has been working with the Buckeye School District, speaking at school assemblies to help educate the students about bullying.

RAADR, which grew out of three-year-old social media marketing company Pitooey!, was launched late last year. Noting it is currently in review with Apple, DiMartino says he hopes to launch it soon on the iOS platform.

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