Phoenix Startup Uses a Complex Algorithm to Simplify Advertising 

by Roy Regalado

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the advice of a professional ad agency — without the cost of hiring one? In the age of algorithms, one has finally been created to jump-start a business’s do-it-yourself marketing — and to get it right. 

The ADMANITY® Protocol is the algorithmic brainchild of entrepreneurs Brian Gregory, a former magazine publisher and advertising executive, and Roy Regalado, a former ad agency principal and small business consultant. From a quiz that takes about five minutes, ADMANITY’s proprietary algorithm can analyze the emotional characteristics of a business’s brand, instantly provide a briefing, then provide a 150-page brand analysis any ad agency would charge thousands for. Advertising — that irrational beast — has just been simplified. “We want to give small businesses the same advantage larger brands have without having to hire a professional ad agency,” says Gregory, ADMANITY’s CEO. 

And what makes all this possible? Identifying the emotions specific to a brand that will appeal to a prospective customer. 

The ADMANITY Protocol analyzes any brand based on the emotions a customer needs to feel to be persuaded to make a purchase. While buying decisions are influenced by the emotions identified by ADMANITY, most businesses mistakenly advertise based on non-emotional factors. ADMANITY created the first algorithm that isolates how businesses can use primal emotions to construct or support all brand communications. 

The 15 archetypes of ADMANITY are based on primal human emotions that cause an instinctive reaction once triggered — the 15 emotions that have sold every brand to the world. A brand can “trigger” these emotions using specific formulas provided by ADMANITY’s Brand Attraction Report. “Our goal is to focus the audience on the brand — not necessarily the business,” states Gregory. “For example, GEICO sells car insurance, but nobody really wants to buy car insurance. GEICO commercials make us laugh (the emotion of affinity) and connects the brand to that feeling. Thus, we buy the brand — not the insurance.” 

Clients of ADMANITY receive access to tactics, strategies, ad formulas, copywriting and agency-level advice, a valuable roadmap for the hands-on entrepreneur or marketer. Once a client sees the answers in plain English, the ADMANITY Protocol becomes a knowledge center for the Brand. “The test and Brand Brief provide exceptional insight,” states Gregory. “But the individual Brand Attraction Report is significant in that it’s like an owner’s manual for your brand. Every business should have one.” 

Technically speaking, the test is based on conditional logic, meaning the questions are based upon previous answers. With more than 1,600 data points considered within the algorithm, this creates the possibility of thousands of outcomes for the initial analysis found in the Brand Brief. The primary emotional archetype of each brand is identified in the Brief, leading to a specific Brand Attraction Report for that brand. 

A one-time fee provides the user immediate access to the test and, upon completion, presents the user’s Brand Brief. The user is then granted access to his Personal Portal, where he will find the business’s Brand Attraction Report. The report resides online in order for the business to provide updates and fresh content, specific to each archetype. Additionally, a virtual library of resources and future content created by ADMANITY is also accessible in the Personal Portal. 

“With the Brand Attraction Report and the multiple resources within each personal portal, users will have a virtual blueprint to develop their own advertising, social media and copywriting output,” states Gregory. “For the small business owner, it’s like having your own online ad agency at your fingertips.”

Roy Regalado is president of ADMANITY, which developed the first online system to identify and describe the best emotional advertising methods for any business, combining innovation with the understanding of human emotion. 

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