Boost Video Views for Business 

by John Wynn

Video is a main driving force for business marketing success and has continued to grow exponentially. It is important that CEOs and marketing managers dive into this well-known platform to maximize the business’s exposure. According to a recent survey by Wyzowl, 93% of marketers who use video say that it is an important part of their marketing strategy, up from 78% in 2015. Below are some key aspects to mastering video content, quickly and efficiently. 

Camera Control 

Clear, quality audio; natural bright lighting; and engaging movement are all aspects that can help a video stand out. The best sound in video will come from an external microphone to pick up the desired audio. When using music, it’s important to check any licensing rights before posting. Lighting can be enhanced by moving a video shoot outdoors, purchasing a ring light or even shooting with light facing the subject, which can drastically enhance the visibility and feel of the video. 

Next, it is important to keep the video moving. Using a tripod or camera stabilizer will ensure the videos are steady while keeping them true to the video format. To film an interview of someone, having the person walk around the set can be much more engaging than just having the participant stand in one spot. While filming, it is beneficial to film all sorts of angles so there are multiple directions to choose from when the piece is being edited together, which makes the viewer experience more engaging. 

Promote Personality 

Sharing a company’s unique storyline will help consumers relate and connect to that business. It is best to be authentic and to utilize positive customer interactions in the storytelling. It’s also good to have customers with impactful stories film short soundbite or highlight reels to share on social media and on the company’s website. To make sure the audio of these short films is clear, audio should be focused on the interviewee and background noises that do not aid the storyline should be limited. 

An additional way to promote authenticity is to share behind-the-scenes videos of large projects. Interviewing people who are key players in the project and using short clips of what is happening backstage will help get consumers excited about the company’s product. 

Finalize Film

Once the footage is complete, the video goes through a final editing process. At this point, those who are not professional videographers will need to connect with the right team or build their skillset. For a video to capture people’s attention, there are editing rules like not having too much space above a subject’s head and the rule of thirds to make sure the content is seamless. The rule of thirds divides the screen into thirds, and the dots where the lines intersect are the best place to position the subject. 

Having a clear goal and vision for the final product will help ensure the end product is exactly what was envisioned. It’s important to outline the target audience, overall mood of the film and distribution method. Social media is a powerful foundation for video content but can impact the editing process, depending on the video, so it’s important to investigate what specific dimensions and regulations are in place before hitting “post.”

Video content is continuing to grow and utilizing the tools above will help businesses put their best digital foot forward. Throughout the continued evolution of video, it is important businesspeople using it keep their ear to the ground and continue to advance their skillsets.

John Wynn, D.Div. is CEO of The Wynn Network, a platform he created to unite inspiration and entertainment and which is available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, iOS and Android devices.

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