Accidental Screen Snooping Led to a Breakthrough Technology

by Dexter Caffey

Identity theft is a very costly issue for businesses. Lower employee productivity and engagement are costly; and then there are the costs associated with what was stolen, be it IP, money or anything else. 

I was at a cybersecurity conference in Israel in 2017 and was sitting next to one of the cybersecurity experts. As we were talking, I realized I could see confidential documents on his laptop. I asked myself, “Why is it that I can see confidential documents on this guy’s laptop? It’s none of my business.” Here he was, a cybersecurity expert, and I was able to see his confidential information. 

When I got back from Israel, I couldn’t stop thinking about this issue, and when I looked into it further, I was shocked to learn there was no technology solution out there to ensure screen privacy. I was then introduced to a biometrics firm in Israel, and I gave them a project — what would it take to use biometrics to shut down a screen when an unauthorized person looked at it? Could it be done? After three months of research, they came up with a solution that became the genesis of Smart Eye Technology. 

Smart Eye Technology is a biometric-based identity authentication and secure file sharing platform. It keeps private documents private, protecting them from unauthorized viewing and restricting access to shared files. Multi-factor biometric authentication — which include fingerprint, facial and voice recognition — authorizes file access; whereas our continuous facial recognition keeps a document open, blocks screens from unauthorized viewing and provides a biometric-authenticated e-signature — the first of its kind. Smart Eye keeps files under the user’s control. Users can also set file access time limits; prevent downloading and further sharing; monitor file activity in real-time; and redact access any time, even after a file has been opened.

Dexter Caffey is founder and chief disruptor of Smart Eye Technology, the world’s only all-in-one screen privacy and secure file sharing platform.

Photo courtesy of Smart Eye Technology

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