Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Time Is Now

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses may try to operate from the stance that the growing awareness of bias — racial, ethnic, cultural, sexual or other discrimination — is a social issue outside the world of their internal actions. Some businesses, however, are already operating from a heightened awareness of responsibility internally, to their workforce, as well as externally, to the society they are … [More]

Skills-based Volunteering: The Business Case 

by Danielle Holly

The last year has been marked by an unprecedented combination of challenges: a pandemic, economic downturn and devastating racial injustice, all of which have affected individuals as well as public and private-sector organizations. At the same time, pervasive social issues such as unequal access to healthcare, housing, food, education and workforce development remain. Making … [More]

13 Top Valley Leaders on 2021! Where do we go from here?

by RaeAnne Marsh

With the new year just on the horizon and the economy still on quicksand waiting for the political dust to settle, businesses are preparing their budgets and plans for 2021. Although we are, in many ways, still in unprecedented times, experience remains the “crystal ball” that savvy business leaders rely on to adapt their strategies and guide their businesses. In Business … [More]

The What, When, Where and Why of App Clips

by Lee Brown

App Clips is set to change how a business’s brand shows up digitally for its customers. App Clips will, in essence, allow users to have a native app experience available in critically contextual moments without requiring a download from the app store. So now I’ve got you thinking: “What could I do with this type of opportunity? What are the key activities that users do in … [More]

As Business Changes, So Will Our Healthcare

by RaeAnne Marsh

Only a few years ago, the big issue regarding healthcare was how much responsibility an employer should or could take for his or her employees. Insofar as its economic impact registered, the focus was on small-business owners. The current pandemic has pushed healthcare issues into broader debate: impact on and responsibility of the individual; impact on and responsibility of … [More]

In Business Magazine Celebrates 15 Valley Women for Leadership in a Time When It Is Needed More than Ever


In Business Magazine, once again, brought together top local women of achievement to share their stories and inspire Valley business leaders at the annual Women of Achievement in a live broadcast. Fifteen Valley Women of Achievement were celebrated for their achievements in leadership at a time when leadership is needed more than ever before. In Business Magazine’s editorial … [More]

Leadership & Achievement: Honoring Our Women Leaders

by RaeAnne Marsh

In spite of the fact that study after study concludes that businesses with women in the C-suites do better than those without, we are still on the road to universal parity. And in spite of proven achievement, women are, in many ways, still pioneering. Toward an end when, someday, women will not be singled out as a separate population, In Business Magazine celebrates the success … [More]

Great Impact: Funding Businesses and Nonprofits to Sustain Our Economy

by Mike Hunter

Our community has stepped up to the plate to help businesses of all sizes — it always has. This economic downturn is among the worst we have seen. No one could have anticipated a time in modern America when business would be asked to simply shut down. Prior to the pandemic, our economy was stronger than most other states in the country. From population growth to property … [More]

Get Back In Business: A Guide to Valley Business Organizations

In Business Magazine

Our business community has always proven to remain strong during the toughest times. The Great Recession hurt, but we bounced back and were seen as one of the “hot-spots” worldwide before the coronavirus pandemic struck. Introducing ‘Get Back In Business’ » Letter from Steve Seleznow of ACF » In an effort to promote and strengthen businesses throughout Greater Phoenix, In … [More]

Road to Recovery: A Look Sector by Sector

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses’ first reaction to COVID-19-related disruption was to retrench and protect — actions that were, essentially, reactive. While that may have been the wisest move in the short-term, it is no way to sustain a business over the long-term.  Even businesses that were proactive in their response must adjust to new realities in the economy and the business community going … [More]