Leadership & Achievement: Honoring Our Women Leaders

by RaeAnne Marsh

In spite of the fact that study after study concludes that businesses with women in the C-suites do better than those without, we are still on the road to universal parity. And in spite of proven achievement, women are, in many ways, still pioneering. Toward an end when, someday, women will not be singled out as a separate population, In Business Magazine celebrates the success … [More]

Intuition Is Your Superpower

by Sue Hawkes

Several years ago, I participated in a women’s leadership program focused on embracing what power was in all senses of the word. Intuition wasn’t one of the topics listed on the agenda. However, it was an incredible component of our leadership work together. On Friday night, the 26 of us were given an assignment: We were to transform a nursing home facility to have a … [More]

Great Impact: Funding Businesses and Nonprofits to Sustain Our Economy

by Mike Hunter

Our community has stepped up to the plate to help businesses of all sizes — it always has. This economic downturn is among the worst we have seen. No one could have anticipated a time in modern America when business would be asked to simply shut down. Prior to the pandemic, our economy was stronger than most other states in the country. From population growth to property … [More]

Get Back In Business: A Guide to Valley Business Organizations

In Business Magazine

Our business community has always proven to remain strong during the toughest times. The Great Recession hurt, but we bounced back and were seen as one of the “hot-spots” worldwide before the coronavirus pandemic struck. Introducing ‘Get Back In Business’ » Letter from Steve Seleznow of ACF » In an effort to promote and strengthen businesses throughout Greater Phoenix, In … [More]

Road to Recovery: A Look Sector by Sector

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses’ first reaction to COVID-19-related disruption was to retrench and protect — actions that were, essentially, reactive. While that may have been the wisest move in the short-term, it is no way to sustain a business over the long-term.  Even businesses that were proactive in their response must adjust to new realities in the economy and the business community going … [More]