Electronic Filing Now Available for AZ Corporate Taxpayers

Arizona Department of Revenue

Corporations, partnerships, S corporations, and fiduciaries can now electronically file their income taxes to the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR). Legislation signed into law initiated a multi-year phase-in period for businesses required to file income tax returns electronically. The e-file option was introduced in 2020 for tax year 2019 and is now mandatory for … [More]

Gilbert-Based Global Wellbeing Co. Makes Healthy Contributions to People, Communities and Planet

Isagenix International

By nourishing and uplifting hundreds of thousands of people and reducing its carbon footprint, global wellbeing company Isagenix International is making an impressive impact worldwide, as detailed in a new report. “Now more than ever, companies need to step up, give back, and champion sustainability so people around the world and our planet can thrive,” said Isagenix Chief … [More]

Workplace Culture Co. Launches Work-From-Anywhere Employee Wellness Benefit

Treo Wellness

Treo Wellness, a division of Johnson Health Tech North America, has announced the launch of a work-from-anywhere employee wellness benefit. Treo Wellness is now offering an affordable turnkey program that enhances the health culture and wellness resources for small to mid-sized employers no matter where their employees are working. "Digital technology is reshaping every … [More]

New Modern-Designed Bank Branch Opens in Trendy Downtown Area

JPMorgan Chase

A new Chase branch opens today in CityScape, the popular downtown hub in Phoenix. Chase recently opened a new branch in Scottsdale and continues to build new branches throughout Arizona, while this is the first new branch added to the downtown network in years. Branches are the heart of the company because they allow a connection with customers at life’s most important … [More]

Testing Co. Guides Manufacturers on Categorization of Medical and Personal Care Products


SGS, the world’s leading provider of testing, verification and certification services, offers a comprehensive range of services to help manufacturers of products aimed at assisting the elderly ensure they are safe and comply with the relevant regulations. We live in a world with an aging population. Currently there are an estimated 143 million people over 80, but this figure … [More]

Quick Poll: How Coronavirus Is Affecting Broad-Based Pay and Benefits

Pearl Meyer

This survey was open from 4/2/2020 to 4/6/2020 and reflects responses from 369 participants, including 182 publicly traded companies, 143 private firms, and 44 not-for-profit organizations. The data indicate that, like the COVID-19 pandemic itself, decisions regarding staff and pay remain very fluid. Surprisingly, over 75% of participants indicated that they were an … [More]