Digitizing the Private Investment Marketplace

by Mike Hunter

WealthVP is fully launching this month following three months in beta testing. The brainchild of entrepreneur Leif Hartwig, WealthVP acts as a catalyst for investment opportunities, virtually matching qualified private companies seeking capital with purpose-driven Family Office investors in one simple, easy-to-use SaaS platform. Using information entered in investor and … [More]

AI Platform Combats Financial Crime

by Mike Hunter

Consilient, a newly formed company dedicated to establishing a next-generation system for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, recently launched a new secure, federated learning platform powered by Intel® Software Guard Extensions. The artificial intelligence platform aims to prevent financial crime and enable secure collaboration among financial … [More]

Global Pandemic Impact on Food & Beverage Industry

by Katie Scardello

With its rich agricultural history, and as home to some of the most skilled farmers in the country, Maricopa County is one of the nation’s top food producers. While Maricopa’s agriculture industry is valued at $1.95 billion per year according to the City of Phoenix, the coronavirus has caused rapid surges and declines in demand, impacting various sectors of the food and … [More]

Turnkey Re-Entry Platform

by Mike Hunter

MTX has successfully developed hundreds of projects for towns, cities and states across the country as part of its Emergency Response Management platform. Now, it has continued that approach with the release of its turnkey platforms for both workforce re-entry and education re-entry. The platforms, aptly named MTX SafeCheck: School Edition and MTX SafeCheck: Business Edition, … [More]

Private Investment Marketplace Digitized

by Mike Hunter

A catalyst for investment opportunities, Phoenix-based WealthVP offers the first platform to digitize a traditionally old-school, word-of-mouth space, and the first to focus on Family Offices vs. venture capitalists. Using a proprietary algorithm, the fintech company virtually matches qualified private companies seeking capital — with a heavy focus on minority-owned and … [More]

Marketing and Chatbox Solution for Homebuilders

by Mike Hunter

HCP from Chandler-based ApostleTech, a leader in Salesforce application implementations and consulting, is a CRM solution built on the power of Salesforce and designed specifically for small to mid-sized homebuilding companies. Drawing on its experience building robust customized CRM solutions, ApostleTech’s development team configured HCP with front- and back-end integrations … [More]

Beekeeper Streamlines Frontline Communications

by Cristian Grossmann

Beekeeper’s mobile platform is the single point of contact for your frontline workforce. With all communications and tools in one place, teams can improve business agility, productivity, and safety. Teams can resolve issues faster and manage non-routine work more efficiently, thanks to an intuitive employee experience and seamless integrations. Cristian Grossmann is CEO and … [More]

Improving Recruitment for Employers and Employees

by Mike Hunter

HireUp is a simple, powerful platform for internal mobility, employee referrals and alumni networks that empowers the modern workforce. The suite of HireUp solutions work together to help companies achieve future hiring success, whether they are looking to promote internal talent or hire new talent through networking. The company, a leading talent technology solution provider, … [More]

Solutions Help HR Create Caring Culture 

by Mike Hunter

Torchlight recently launched Torchlight Manager, a solution that supports Human Resources departments in guiding managers to create a caring culture at work during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic. Designed for HR leaders, the new offering provides managers with key resources so they can support employees who are struggling to balance the intensity of work and life demands … [More]

Notarize Remotely

by Mike Hunter

eNotaryLog, the first​ remote online notary (RON) platform to be MISMO®-certified, is an agile cloud technology company providing a flexible, secure, and complete SaaS RON/RIN platform. MISMO® created RON standards to promote consistency across mortgage banking industry practices and state regulations to allow the use of audio-visual communication devices to notarize documents … [More]

Improve I/O Efficiency

by Mike Hunter

DymaxIO, from Condusiv Technologies, dynamically accelerates data for maximum I/O performance. By solving I/O inefficiencies at the source, DymaxIO improves application performance, increases throughput 30–40 percent, reduces latency, increases VDI capacity, reduces timeouts and crashes, shortens backups, improves data transfer rates and extends hardware lifecycles. This … [More]

Remote Collaboration in Real Time 

by Mike Hunter

Designed to deliver a highly user-friendly, robust and low-cost way to connect remote team members via real-time collaboration anywhere in the world and on any AR-enabled device, Avatar CONNECT is a powerful AR-enabled remote workforce solution that dramatically improves design, field coordination, installation, project management, quality control and assurance, productivity, … [More]

HCM Connected and Futureproof

by Todd La Fever

Transforming the way businesses manage their most important asset — their people — iSolved provides awesome human capital management (HCM) outcomes and a full employee experience by design through a connected futureproof solution. iSolved’s human capital management and people platform brings together HR, payroll, time and attendance, and benefits enrollment all in one … [More]

Verified Talent Directory

by Mike Hunter

The recently rolled out Talent Directory from Credly, a leader in digital credentials, brings skills-based talent sourcing to the forefront, allowing organizations to find uniquely qualified candidates based on verified skills, and enabling qualified professionals to add value to opportunities for which they would have initially been overlooked. Using Talent Directory, … [More]

Real-Time Dining-Out Data

by Mike Hunter

SIP is a member-based app designed to offer an advantage to each part of a three-pillar ecosystem of venues, consumers and alcohol companies, by providing marketed brands with real-time data about consumer alcohol purchasing behaviors inside bars and restaurants and bars — all with meaningful perks and drink discounts to its member base in return for the purchase data of their … [More]

‘Walkie Talkie’ App Connects WFH Teams 

by Mike Hunter

Distance and digitization of communications can pose a challenge to the relationships upon which great work relies. Emails can be misinterpreted. Virtual meetings can feel stressful or strange. The blurring of private home life and public work life can impact employee well-being. Zello offers a way to empower every team member, allowing them to take ownership of their workload … [More]

Online ‘Shop’ Finds Freelancers

by Mike Hunter

Giggrabbers’ “Freelance Deals” helps people and companies find freelance professionals in a simplistic way that some people may recognize: online shopping. The company aims to match freelance professionals with companies looking to bring on additional talent remotely or to outsource existing services at great rates. Similar to online shopping, Giggrabbers’ new feature lets … [More]

Mock Video Interviews Offer Feedback

by Mike Hunter

Employers have begun to rely more heavily on video interviews to find the perfect employee. HR professionals appreciate their practicality and efficiency, as well as opportunity to personalize the candidates beyond their two-dimensional resume. GradeMyVideoInterview.com offers a revolutionary new service for job seekers that allows them to create a mock video interview and have … [More]

Car Dealing without the Handshake

by Mike Hunter

DriveItAway is the first national car dealer-focused mobility platform that enables car dealers to enter the business of Mobility-as-a-Service. DriveItAway provides a comprehensive turnkey solutions-driven program with proprietary mobile technology and driver app, insurance coverages and training to get automotive retailers up and running quickly and profitably in emerging … [More]

Connecting Distributed Teams

by Mike Hunter

Taskade recently launched a real-time, user-friendly platform that lets fully distributed teams organize work, communicate via chat and video, share documents, manage tasks and collaborate in real-time, without the need for extensive training or high-level technical support. Taskade will be offering a limited-time free upgrade to its Pro version to support businesses and … [More]

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