You Owe You

by Mike Hunter

For anyone who feels like success is for others, that only certain people get to have their dreams fulfilled, Eric Thomas’s You Owe You is their wake-up call. His urgent message to stop waiting for inspiration to strike and take control of one’s life is a message he wishes someone had given him when he was a teenager — lost, homeless, failing in school, and dealing with the challenges of being a young Black man in America. Thomas’s secrets of success have already helped hundreds of thousands on their journey, but this is his first guide to show how to start today, right now. Readers are shown that these critical first steps include deeply understanding themselves and the world around them, finding their why, accepting that they may have to give up something good for something great, and constantly stretching toward their potential. No matter where we are on our journey toward greatness, we owe it to ourselves to become fully, authentically ourself. And Eric Thomas’s You Owe You can help get us there.

You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why
Eric Thomas, Ph.D.
Rodale Books
Available 9/13/2022
288 pages

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