Supurb Technology Innovates Cannabis Delivery

by Jonathan Ghiz

Supurb is a technology company connecting people with nearby dispensaries to help them get their cannabis delivered in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We conceptualized the idea for Supurb knowing that technology in cannabis was limited for both consumers and retailers. We understood that applying technology in the form of delivery would create significant value for both consumers and retailers. Consumers want safe and affordable access to cannabis products, but should have their experience fit within their already busy schedules. Retailers are given the flexibility through our technology to increase revenue and expand their market reach, while reducing operating costs without the use of innovative technology. 

It’s been important to be a master in listening and communicating with our customer base; we believe that, if a technology company can listen to its audience and innovate off of what they are saying, it will always stay ahead of the curve. Being a self-funded technology company has been difficult because we have to innovate with discipline and restraint, so we speak with our customers through the highest level of customer support and we are regularly in the dispensary learning more about their daily operations. This has helped us grow into a company people genuinely like using and will continue to use no matter what innovations we come up with.

One challenge that was extremely difficult to overcome was convincing the dispensaries of the value we were providing. Many looked at us as adversarial rather than complimentary, worried that delivery would take revenue generating opportunities from their retail locations rather than open the doors to new opportunities such as increasing customer retention and access to customers in further reaching areas.

In order for us to overcome this challenge, we created a performance-based value proposition for the dispensaries. Access to our lead generating technology and advertising opportunities were free to use and would only pay a commission when an order was submitted. If all else we knew dispensaries wanted to increase their online footprint of visibility if nothing else. And if they are not an option for the consumer then the transaction will inevitably be submitted elsewhere.

Founded in Arizona in 2016, where delivery will remain medical-only until January 2023, Supurb will be moving into new markets in the first quarter of 2022. 

Jonathan Ghiz is CEO of Supurb. 

Photo courtesy of Supurb

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