Dynamic Purchasing Solutions Clears School Vendor Hurdles

by RaeAnne Marsh

Dynamic Purchasing Solutions provides purchasing services to K-12 teachers and school clubs. DPS helps facilitate transactions through public schools and outside vendors. Through DPS, teachers purchase the items they choose without being limited by the school’s pre-approved vendor list, wait times and lengthy purchasing process. 

Cooper Weissman founded DPS last year and is its CEO. “Throughout high school, I’ve been very involved in student government (Stugo). I love working in teams and planning events, but I was spending tons of my own money on decorations and other items because I was told that we can’t spend our Stugo money on vendors that were not approved. I decided to start an LLC and get onto the approved vendor list at my school. After receiving my approved status, I was able to facilitate transactions for my school to get the items they needed. This idea quickly solved a huge problem in my class, and I came to realize that there were hundreds of high schools within a 50-mile radius that had the same issue.” 

His biggest challenge, he shares, was “balancing school, business and a high-school girlfriend.” But he took to heart advice from a mentor that “in business and investment, the most important key to success is welcoming failure.” He took that to heart, and relates, “I had six failed business attempts before landing upon a successful venture.” Currently, 43 Arizona schools are clients of DPS. “I’ve lost thousands of dollars investing, but I have gained so much more by putting myself out there,” Weissman says.

“Loving business and solving problems are what inspired me to start my companies, but making an impact on the world is what motivates me to keep going,” Weissman says. “I was born lucky. I have a roof over my head and I live in the wealthiest country in the world. I want to use the skills I develop, and the life I was gifted, to change other people’s lives.”

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