Did the Holidays Unlock a Newfound Passion? Turn It into a Career!

by Wayne Goshkarian

The holiday season instills feelings of excitement, happiness and optimism. This may cause budding entrepreneurs to take their business idea from just an idea to a fully functioning company. There are millions of ways to make money in 2022 and the holiday season may have provided the extra push that entrepreneurs needed to act on their newfound passions.

If you are looking to turn your holiday passion into a career, these four steps are a great way to get started:

Build Your Online Presence

Businesses have recognized the power of social media all throughout 2021. Companies can use social media to build an audience quickly. Social media has solidified its place in the marketing world as a legitimate business tool that can be used to promote companies’ brands and products.

It is easier than ever to create social media pages. Businesses can create social media pages for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and Snapchat in no time at all. All these platforms have algorithms that help your brand be seen by potential customers.

Creating a website is as simple as purchasing a domain name, choosing a web hosting provider and designing the site. Businesses worldwide use websites to do ecommerce or provide ways for potential customers to check out the company before going to a physical store. Websites allow potential customers to get to know the company and learn about the values, employees and founders from their phone or computer. Websites are a great way to promote a company and be more professional.

Create Content to Promote Your Business

Content is very important for businesses. Taking great pictures or videos of your product or service is key for showing customers what they will be getting if they do business with you. There are tons of ways to get great photos taken. One way is to use your phone. Phones today can take extremely high-quality photos and videos that you can post on social media or a website. Other ways include purchasing a camera or hiring a professional photographer/videographer.

Connect with Your Target Audience

There are an unlimited amount of ways business owners can connect with potential customers. There are online forums, blogs and social media groups that anyone can join and interact with potential customers. There are communities of people for every niche imaginable.

Promote Your Business

There are tons of ways to connect with event planners and be able to promote your business at events in the area. Especially if the business is in a densely populated city, there will be tons of opportunities to set up booths at local events.

If a business is seasonal for just the holidays it is important to branch out and find new ways the company can bring in revenue yearround. There are many ways that a company can turn a holiday seasonal product into a new yearround offering, whether that is adding variations or creating a new product.

Wayne Goshkarian is the director of communications for Scottsdale-based Association for Entrepreneurship USA, where he assists entrepreneurs nationwide with creating, establishing and expanding their businesses.

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