9 Things Donors Need to Know About Arizona Gives Day

by Jennifer Purcell

Donors, collectively, are part of a larger community and can have a significant impact on our lives and our neighbor’s lives. 

If you’re considering donating a gift on Arizona Gives Day on April 4, 2023, it’s important for donors to understand a few things about Arizona Gives Day and donating in general so you are knowledgeable and prepared. 

Nonprofits rely on donations to fulfill their missions; they can’t do their work without your donations. Nonprofit organizations are a critical part of our economy and community eco-system and provide essential services and resources. Nonprofits make up 10% of Arizona’s workforce and contribute more than 9% to Arizona’s GDP (gross domestic product). 

Arizona Gives (AZGives.org) verifies that the participating nonprofits are legitimate nonprofits. Every year, nonprofits are required to re-enroll and status with the IRS is verified to ensure donors are donating to organizations that would allow them to take a federal tax deduction. To be safe, an organization should be asking you to donate directly to their organization’s custom web page on AZGives.org.

Give a donation(s) that is meaningful … to you. People often worry about whether their donation is “big enough” or will make a difference. Every nonprofit will tell you that there is no donation too small — every donation makes a difference. Arizona Gives was created to showcase our collective impact and power of giving back!

You can filter and sort nonprofit organizations on AZGives.org. If you are passionate about a particular cause or causes, you can filter and sort by geography, mission, demographics, county and more to narrow your search. 

AZGives.org is a shopping cart experience. You can give to as many nonprofits as you want at the same time — all in one single transaction. And if you create a donor account, you can track all the donations you make on AZGives.org each year.

Create a fundraiser page for your favorite nonprofit. Once you’ve created a donor account, it’s just five easy steps to create a fundraiser page. There, you can share your story about why a particular nonprofit is so important to you and why everyone you know should consider donating. 

Set up a recurring gift. Maybe a one-time larger gift is too much for your monthly budget. AZGives.org provides you a variety of options to establish a recurring donation so you can easily budget and plan. Donors are always in control and able to adjust their recurring gift at any time. 

Charitable Giving eCards make the perfect gift. You can purchase an Arizona Gives Giving eCard in any dollar amount for your friends, family and co-workers. Then they can choose which nonprofit organization receives that donation. 

AZGives.org accepts donations year-round. Donors can make a donation to a participating nonprofit 365 days of the year.

Nonprofit organizations are the strength of our local communities. They’re organic, evolving and dynamic … like grassroots movements often are. For a nonprofit’s mission to thrive, they need the financial support of donors, of those who are willing to get behind what they are trying to solve, treat, protect, save, teach or accomplish. Donations help nonprofits not just run programs but create sustainable and thriving organizations. 

Find your cause at AZGives.org today, on April 4 or any day of the year and support nonprofits that are making our Arizona communities a better place to live. 

Jennifer Purcell is the SVP & Director of Development at Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

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