Sales Badassery

by Mike Hunter

This book turns the old way of doing things on its head to shift all the power to you. The common myth of sales strategy says prospects should be approached from a position of deference — they hold the superior position, forcing the salesman to supplicate, beg, make undue concessions and be at their beck and call during and after the sale. This indispensable work shows that levelling the playing field is not enough; the salesman needs to slant it in his direction. The innovative Sales Badassery philosophy enables one to turn oneself into an unstoppable sales powerhouse, taking no prisoners along the way. Best-selling author Frank Rumbauskas has distilled years of successful sales experience into an effective sales philosophy. This invaluable book provides the tools and guidance for transforming ordinary salespeople into top-level businesspersons.

Sales Badassery: Kick Ass. Take Names. Crush the Competition.
Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr.
240 pages
Publisher: Wiley
On shelves: 4/16/2019

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