5 Cost-Effective Ways to Show Thanks to Your Customers for the Holidays

by Edgar R. Olivo

The holiday season brings an opportunity to show gratitude toward your customers. Customers are the most valuable resource for a small business and every successful company makes it to the top all thanks to its customers. This holiday season is the time to thank clients for sticking with you in 2021, so they will stand by you in the new year.

But what is the best way to say thanks? And can it be meaningful and cost-effective? The answer is yes to both. Any gesture of appreciation, with a little preparation time, can be very meaningful when done right. Here are five cost-effective ways to show thanks to your customers for the holidays.

  1. Offer a once-a-year discount. The holiday season is synonymous with shopping and a discount can really make a difference to your customers. Offering a once-a-year big discount can help excite your clients, boost your sales and help your marketing grow. With so much spending happening during this season, a budget-break on your customer’s favorite service or product will make them feel thanked.
  2. Host a COVID-safe event for your customers. The holiday season is also a time for celebration, so why not take advantage of it? Throwing a COVID-safe holiday party is a way to socialize with your customer in a more relaxed environment. Face-to-face events can be a great way to show your thoughtfulness and effort to build a relationship with your customers. If your party is onsite, include a tour of your facility. Take photos with your clients to share on social media. Prospective customers will love seeing how you engage with your clients, and they may remember this the next time they reach out to you.
  3. Spotlight your customers on social media. Social media is a great way to show appreciation to your customers. Consider creating an awesome graphic to thank your clients once a day or week during the holidays. This will also help you drive traffic to your social media channels and may open the doors to more business.
  4. Buy gift cards from other small businesses. What better way to promote your local economy than by purchasing gift cards from fellow small businesses for your customers? Everyone likes some form of entertainment, and giving a gift card to a favorite restaurant, theater or retailer demonstrates to your customer that you are so appreciative of their business that you are willing to share the business with others.
  5. Make a charitable donation on their behalf. The holidays are also about giving back to the community. If you know your customers well, consider making a charitable donation in their name to a cause they care about. This is an excellent way to show your client you care about what is important to them, which makes a lasting impression well past the holiday season.

The holidays are the perfect time to show gratitude to those who helped your business succeed during these challenging times. As a small business, taking a moment to thank them is first-class customer service.

EDGAR RAFAEL OLIVO is a bilingual business educator, economic advisor, and contributor for several media outlets. He’s a nonprofit executive who is passionate about education. He is certified in finance and data analytics and holds a business degree from Arizona State University.

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