Statewide Digital Awareness Campaign Addressing Arizona’s Housing Crisis Launches

Home is where it all starts is launching a statewide digital awareness campaign to provide solutions to the state’s housing crisis and make sure every Arizonan has a place to call home.

People in Arizona’s healthiest neighborhoods live more than 24 years longer than people in the least healthy neighborhoods. This is largely because it is harder for people in the least healthy neighborhoods to access healthcare, jobs, and transportation, as well as food, childcare and schools.

“Home is a quality of life issue. When people have a home that meets their needs, they can find stability and security that supports their own health and well-being and everyone in the community benefits,” said Dave Brown, co-founder of Home Matters and CEO of Valley Leadership.

Changing the Narrative

To build an Arizona where we all have a place to be at home, Home is where it all starts is deliberately shifting away from the term “affordable housing” and instead using:

●      affordable rents and mortgages

●      homes that meet our needs

●      homes within reach

People hear the term “affordable housing,” and they often think of a particular type of housing and the type of neighborhood they have associated with that housing. On the other hand, the concept of a home with a rent or mortgage payment we can afford is something to which everyone can relate. The discussion is broader than one type of housing for one type of person or community.

Home is where it all starts provides supporters with a toolkit including brand guidelines, digital ads, and language for building supportive coalitions through communications, websites and presentations. “Supporting our partners to communicate the critical nature of the issue in a relatable and action-oriented way rests at the center of our approach. Our goal is to facilitate the development of more attainable housing options and reduce barriers to stable housing,” explained Brown.

“We need to change the narrative around housing and find ways to ensure affordable rents and mortgages for every person in the region,” said Maricopa Association of Governments Deputy Executive Director Amy St. Peter. “We are striving to inspire and cultivate champions where everyone has a home that meets their needs. Needs are defined broadly. This isn’t just about money. It’s about being close to the people and places that matter to you, family, school, congregations, work and medical care.”

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