Timeless secrets for aligning people, story and brand

by Chris Smith

CampfireImagine every day when your people come to work, it’s like sitting around the campfire. A place where people effortlessly trust, reflect and connect with their purpose and the purpose of your organization; a place where they are focused and present. As a 5th generation native of Arizona, I was raised in a ranching, rodeo family, and I know firsthand the power of campfires and storytelling. Most of us are free to be our authentic selves when sitting around a campfire. We seem to have a purpose and clarity that is hard to recreate elsewhere. The light draws us in, and the stories told encourage us to stay. Much like fire needs oxygen, heat, and fuel to start and continue burning, we need to create a place where people can trust, reflect and connect within our organizations. That is The Campfire Effect™. Creating and sustaining an intentional brand that people can trust and connect with.

Stop for a moment and think about the power of your people beginning to see how their purpose aligns with the purpose of your organization. Imagine the impact you could have if everyone was telling a consistent story of what your brand stands for. This would help your organization to sustainably grow in an intentional way. Your very best, most productive people show up every day when The Campfire Effect™ is present. Everyone begins to see himself or herself as someone who represents your brand. People begin to see how their purpose aligns with the purpose of your organization. They want to tell the story of your brand.

The Campfire Effect™ is taught through a series of transformational workshops, consulting and coaching programs that align people, story and brand in a way that proves to promote brand clarity, productivity and measurable results.

Is your brand you today? Is how you perceive it, how your people see it, and how your customers see it in complete alignment? If not, where are the gaps, and what could these gaps be costing your organization in terms of results? Our singular focus with The Campfire Effect™ is to provide you and your team, your board, your top producers and the people on the front line answering the phones and supporting your customers, with a clarity and purpose like never before.

Chris Smith is with VerticalGrowthPartners.com

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