Tempe Chamber of Commerce Announces Candidate Endorsements and Ballot Measure Positions for the November 2022 General Elections

by Paulette Pacioni

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, through interviews and analysis, voted to endorse five candidates running in the November 2022 general election at their monthly board meeting.  The endorsement is a declaration by the Chamber that these candidates understand the interests of the Tempe business community and, if elected, will champion policies supportive of economic and community development.

The endorsed candidates are:
Melody Hernandez, State Representative District 8
Roxana Holzapfel, State Senate, District 8
Terry Roe, State Representative, District 12
Stacey Travers, State Representative, District 12
David Richardson, State Senate, District 12
Greg Stanton, US Representative, District 9

“We are fortunate to have had close working relationships with our elected officials in the past.  It is important that we support those who understand how policies in pending legislation may impact the Tempe business ecosystem and community,” said the president and CEO of the Tempe Chamber, Colin Diaz, ACE, IOM. “As the voice of business in Tempe, we intend for our Chamber to expand its efforts to promote a positive business environment through the endorsement of candidates who support the growth and success of Tempe businesses.”

The following are the Tempe Chamber’s positions on the 2022 November General Election Ballot Measures:


Prop 128 – voter protection act; court determinations

Legislature may do the following if the measure is found to contain illegal or unconstitutional language by the Arizona Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court:

a) Amend an initiative or referendum measure approved by a majority of the votes
b) Appropriate or divert funds created by initiative or referendum
c) Adopt a measure that supersedes any initiative or referendum measure


REASONING: The Tempe Chamber has a position in its agenda that supports modification of Proposition 105 that establishes a supermajority threshold permitting legislative changes to unintended consequences of initiative measures passed at the ballot. The net effect of this ballot measure is that it allows the Arizona Legislature to modify voter-protected statutes that are ruled illegal or unconstitutional with a simple majority.

Prop 129 – initiatives; single subject; title

Requires each initiative to address only one subject.


REASONING: The Tempe Chamber supports clarity and transparency in the Arizona ballot initiative process.

Prop 308 – tuition; postsecondary education

In-state tuition for illegal immigrant children.


REASONING: In-state tuition for undocumented students is a matter of workforce development.


I-05-2022 Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act

Caps interest rate on “medical debt,” as defined in the Act; applies this cap to judgments on medical debt as well as to medical debt incurred. Increases the value of assets — a homestead, certain household possessions, a motor vehicle, funds in a single bank account, and disposable earnings — protected from certain legal processes to collect debt. Annually adjusts these amended exemptions for inflation beginning 2024. Allows courts to further reduce the amount of disposable earnings subject to garnishment in some cases of extreme economic hardship. 


REASONING: Brought to us by out-of-state interests, this initiative will impact our health care providers. It also sets a very bad precedent for other industries.

I-16-2022 Arizonans for Free and Fair Elections

Restores permanent early voting list. Provides same-day, automatic, and online voter registration. Makes voting easier for disabled people. Reduces cancelation causes for voter registration. Ensures voters can vote in any in-county precinct Expands polling places on Indian lands, voter registration, early voting, mail voting, early voting sites, and voting rights for some under guardianship. Allows entrusting another person to return one’s voted early ballot. Specifies process for correcting signature problems on early voting envelopes. Allows Clean Elections grants for election administration. Establishes a new corporate income tax of $150 to pay for the Clean Elections Commission.


REASONING: This initiative has more than 54 provisions in it that make significant changes to voter registration, initiatives, campaign finance, presidential electors, lobbyists and taxes.  The Tempe Chamber recommends opposition due to the corporate income tax provision.

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven association that promotes business development and community investment.  It serves as an advocate on behalf of businesses at federal, state and local government levels.

For more than a century, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce has built an environment that enhances the economic vitality of its membership and the business community as a whole. Representing more than 550 businesses, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce strengthens the local economy through network development, advocacy, professional development and business education. It regularly advocates for a favorable business climate through interactive public policy engagement and provides ongoing representation in government at local, state and federal levels. For more information on the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, please visit www.tempechamber.org.

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