Re-cap, Re-Vamp, and Rev-Up for 2019

by Jess Roman

While the heat is finally behind us, it’s time we reflect back on our accomplishments of 2018 and look forward to the planning of a new, exciting year. 

As small-business owners ourselves, the Arizona Small Business Association understands the challenges of staying fresh and relevant in the marketplace. Sales, marketing, personnel, profitability — all key components you need to excel at to stay “in the game.” Our job at ASBA is to provide you the tools and resources you need to not only stay in the game, but to win the game. 

In 2018, ASBA launched its first SynTech conference, where we brought large and small companies together to increase innovation and efficiency in your business. As we all know, technology is an ever-evolving marketplace. Digital marketing, IT solutions, cyber security, secure document signing — it’s always changing! ASBA brought in companies like BlueInk, Toshiba Business Solutions, Infusionsoft and MicroAge to help you better understand the industry and how it applies to your business. We recognize that running a business efficiently is a key component to your success as a small-business owner.

With success come great traditions. We were proud to celebrate our 25th Annual Enterprise Business Awards Luncheon in collaboration with the Small Business Administration. This event focuses solely on small businesses, just like you, who have persevered and thrived in their respective industries. This year, we were grateful to have both Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan as our keynote speakers. Not only do both leaders have an entrepreneurial spirit, but have also been heavily engaged with ASBA and our small-business community. 

Healthcare and public policy — two topics that present challenges to any small-business owner. When your focus is not just profitability in your business but making payroll, offering health insurance to your employees can seem like an intangible thought. ASBA created Health+Plus this year to help you solve that problem. Business owners have so many different options to offer access to healthcare to their employees. Think telemedicine, concierge services, etc. Bridging the gap between the healthcare industry and the small-business owner has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority to ASBA. 

And, of course, public policy. We understand your needs because we share the same ones. As the voice of small business, ASBA makes it a point to fight for your best interests at the Capitol every single day. We represent you and make sure your voice is heard amongst our state legislators so that you can do what you do best — run your business.

So, what’s ASBA got coming next year?

With exciting events, top-notch education and the support of our ASBA members, it has been a thrilling year for our team. We plan to continue on this great path you’ve helped us build and enhance our programs and services even more. Stay tuned and you can expect to see ASBA doing BIG things for our small businesses in 2019! As always — your business, our expertise, together a prosperous Arizona. 

Jess Roman is the interim CEO of Arizona Small Business Association.

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