How to Create the Website of Your Dreams

by Louise Henry

Imagine: a stunning, professional website that brings in clients 24/7, and didn’t cost $10,000+ to build.

Think it’s impossible?

Think again.

Thanks to simple DIY tools online, you can design your dream website (and manage it yourself from now on, too!).
No more relying on Web developers to make every tiny change you need. Now, the power is back in your hands, meaning you can move quicker in your business than ever before.

There are many tools out there, but my pick for a professional, easy-to-use, all-in-one solution is called Squarespace. You can purchase your domain, create your website, share content and build your email list, too — all in one place.

So how do you go about ensuring it’s dream-worthy? Here are five tips:

  1. Keep it simple — This rule applies to both the design and your content. By keeping it simple, you make it easier for visitors to navigate your site, find the content they need and become a customer. Don’t overload your pages with too much text or options, and ensure there is a lot of clean, empty space.
  2. Simple, Not Boring — Just because you’re following tip number one, doesn’t mean your site has to be boring. It’s important that you infuse personality into your website. The more it’s jumping off the page, the better! 
  3. Maintain Brand Consistency — Before you create your website, it’s important to create your brand identity. This means the colors, fonts and style of images you’re going to share. Decide on these and then keep them consistent across your entire website. (Hint: Squarespace does this automatically for you!)
  4. Create a Funnel — It’s actually not what you can see, but what is happening behind the scenes of your website that is most important. Every site needs a marketing funnel in place that takes someone from a first-time visitor to a customer. This is why building your email list is so important. You can offer something for free in exchange for an email and then follow-up with strategic emails that sell your product on autopilot. (Hint: Squarespace recently added this functionality to its platform so you can collect email addresses and create your funnel, too).
  5. Need-to-Know Basis — The biggest mistake I see new business owners making is providing too much information on their website. With every page and paragraph you add to your website, ask yourself: Does the visitor need to know this in order to become a customer? If the answer is no, scrap it! 

While DIYing is totally doable, it can still be a challenge, which is why I’ve put together an easy, step-by-step program that walks you through exactly what to do. You can try it for free by going to

Louise Henry, founder of Solopreneur Sidekick, has helped hundreds of self-proclaimed “non-techie” entrepreneurs from all over the globe build their own website with her simple, step-by-step system. You can find her at or on YouTube chatting all things websites!

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