Will It Stick?

Local marketing pros & storytellers break down big brand marketing stunts and campaigns in new podcast to provide a healthy dose of creative inspiration

by Melissa DiGianfilippo

Marketing is constantly evolving and changing, with new tactics, new platforms and new generational nuances to understand and explore. Most marketers know that staying stagnant or tone deaf to trends can break a brand, but it’s a challenge to keep up. Alexis Krisay and I have found a unique way to bring our own passion for the marketing antics and stunts that brands from around the world pull to provide inspiration to entrepreneurs and marketers alike through a new podcast called “Will It Stick?

“Will It Stick?” is a weekly podcast that focuses on bold brands that take chances on creative advertising campaigns and PR stunts to stand out from the crowd and earn customers’ attention and money. Every Wednesday, we explore crazy marketing moments in history that, whether they flourished or failed, got the world’s attention. We break down the details and dive into the research to find out if the concept will stick in an engaging storytelling format that appeals to a wider audience than just marketing professionals.

To date, we have released nearly 30 episodes and have covered brands like Snickers, Old Spice, Jeep, Thinx, Aviation Gin, Ugg and many others. The first episode explored the crazy campaign that Tempe-based LifeLock pulled in 2006 when then-CEO Todd Davis shared his actual Social Security number through a huge national advertising campaign inviting people to attempt to steal his identity. That little stunt resulted in a ton of worldwide media attention and gave the brand a quick boost, but it backfired when it was revealed that LifeLock’s product was not quite bulletproof when Todd’s identity was successfully stolen 13 times … and he didn’t even get notified by his own software. We also recently covered Phoenix-based Tuft & Needle, diving into how the brand bootstrapped its marketing efforts and launched the provocative, truth-telling campaign featuring the words “Mattress Stores Are Greedy” that helped propel the brand to gain 20% market share of the entire mattress industry and hit $170 million in revenue before completing a successful merger with Serta Simmons Bedding.

“The truth is, we are major marketing nerds,” says Krisay. “This podcast is such a fun, creative outlet for us and we’re hearing from business owners and marketers alike that the stories we tell have helped them solve real marketing challenges they are facing. Our passion fuels us, but knowing we are providing inspiration and the occasional laugh is icing on the cake.”

Find “Will It Stick?” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Melissa DiGianfilippo and Alexis Krisay are also co-founders of PR & marketing firm Serendipit Consulting,

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