Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck

by Mike Hunter

In Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck, Harvard Law-grad-turned-online-entrepreneur Bobby Klinck uses his lawyering skills to convince readers that the old-school rules for email marketing are just plain dumb. He shows how to do email right, teaching the five phases of email marketing and how to infuse purpose into one’s message. Readers will learn how to tell a really good story that people want to read. But fair warning: Those who are a conversion copywriter, an online marketing guru, or have a serious problem with laughing at themselves should probably not read this book. And those who cringe at the occasional curse word definitely should not read this book. Warning delivered.

Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck: Have Fun Writing Emails Your Subscribers Will Want to Read (and That Will Actually Make You Money!)
Bobby Klinck
Lioncrest Publishing
Available 5/3/2022
266 pages

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