5 Ways Online Advertising Is Changing

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One year ago, The New York Times posted a headline that read “The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads.” While a great deal of money is being spent in online advertising, those doing the spending knew long before reading that headline that there was a problem. Consumers hate the online ads, for a variety of reasons, pushing many of them to close out, tune out, and ignore the ads that are being shown to them. One company, Source Digital, is leading the movement in changing what it is that people don’t like, which gives advertisers a better option for reaching their target market.

“Just about everyone hates pop up ads that seem to take over, so we did something about it,” explains Hank Frecon, the chief executive officer of Source Digital. “The changes we created for the industry are a win-win for viewers and advertisers.”

It is well known that people don’t like ads, prompting companies to evolve, to accommodate that preference. Source Digital’s latest ad technology, for example, focuses on Source Activated Moments (SAMs), which provide content managers with a simple way to offer effective advertising that naturally engages and tunes in their viewers rather than tuning them out.

Source Digital has created a platform that provides a seamless approach to viewing ads. Many likely won’t realize they are even being shown an ad because the product availability has been woven into their overall experience. For example, if they are watching a video, they will be able to make in-video purchases, without having to leave the site or screen. That simplicity has created a user and advertiser experience that is simple, direct, and more enjoyable.

Here Are 5 Ways Online Advertising Is Changing:

  • No more annoying ads. Many people find online ads to be annoying, as they take their time and attention away from what they were intending to focus on. The new way of advertising will ensure that ads do not annoy viewers.
  • Less invasion of privacy. Increasingly, people feel their privacy is being compromised online. The new advertising routes ensure that there is less invasion of viewer privacy.
  • Time saving. Anyone who has watched videos online knows that you often have to sit through ads, which many people find to be a waste of their time. This frustrating tactic of forcing viewers to sit through an ad is on the way out, as the new advertising methods avoid this. With products worked into the video itself, and the purchase of them being seamless, it saves time and frustration.
  • No disruption of online experience. The new way of advertising ensures that people are not taken away from the content they are viewing to inquire about a product they have seen in the video or that they saw advertised. Avoiding user disruption enhances the online experience for viewers and marketers alike.
  • Unique advertising options. One of the complaints that people have regarding the old way of online advertising is that there’s no standing out. Every advertiser tends to seem the same. The new way of advertising creates a unique experience for the marketer.

“We know how frustrating online advertising can be for consumers and marketers because we’ve been on both sides of that situation,” added Frecon. “We have developed the answer to the problem that The New York Times wrote about last year and are confident that it will help people to no longer hate online advertising. It’s time for online advertising to evolve, and we are helping consumers to make that change.”

Online advertising is progressing so that it provides a better experience for the consumers. Doing that will give advertisers a more effective way to reach consumers, as well as increase their profits. The new changes will improve online advertising return on investment. With Source Digital providing better ad units that allow content interaction and storytelling capabilities, viewers will be able to get more from their online experience.

Source Digital has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help create a more engaging and effective video advertising experience. The Source network is able to pull targeted content from a variety of sources, including NBC Universal, GOLF, LiveNation, MotorTrend, and many professional sports influencers.

Developed by seasoned technology leaders and inventors, Source Digital delivers a new era of contextual commerce and advertising.  Offering the first in-video, contextually driven, frictionless acquisition experience, Source Digital’s technology allows content creators, owners, brands, and retailers to seamlessly engage with viewers across any device or screen in real time. An immersive approach to interactive video, Source Digital’s patented technology inspires brand loyalty organically through continuous, personalized engagement, reducing audience drift while yielding nuanced measurements and substantially increased avenues for monetization.

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