The Objective Leader 

by Mike Hunter

The-Objective-LeaderWe are all subjective — it’s human nature. We overreact to situations; we judge people too quickly and unfairly; we take something personally when it was not really meant that way. As a result, we lose relationships, reputation, money and peace of mind. And in our ever-more-complex world, leaders must make decisions faster and with more conflicting information; widespread insecurity makes people territorial and risk-averse; and the consequences of every action are played out on a disproportionately large stage. To succeed, we must consciously seek to increase our objectivity — seeing and accepting things as they are without projecting our mental models, fears, background and personal experiences onto them.

Title: The Objective Leader: How to Leverage the Power of Seeing Things As They Are
Author: Elizabeth R. Thornton
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Available: 2/10/2015
Price: $28
Pages: 256

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