2023 Women of Achievement: Celebrating Leadership & Equity

by RaeAnne Marsh

Leadership styles vary with the unique personality of the individual, and each may also have different criteria for gauging what constitutes “success.” However, to co-opt the famous quote from Justice Potter Stewart, we know it when we see it. And we see it abundantly in the stories on the pages that follow.

Equity, however, is a more difficult concept. Are we talking about equity of opportunity, or equity of outcome? Because the two are not the same, and how they are measured is not the same – and the strategies to achieve it are not the same. Melding the two is, then, a further challenge.

We recognize the strengths women bring to the business world, which are proven in studies of businesses’ success in all segments of the economy. We have many strong and talented women in our community who may eschew the spotlight for themselves to shine it instead on their team or their cause, and we at In Business Magazine are pleased to turn that spotlight on them as we celebrate the success of women in business in our community.

This issue presents our 2023 Women of Achievement — 14 women who have each proven her involvement in our business community and her connection to doing good for our community while demonstrating leadership in achieving success in business. Bringing their diverse backgrounds and strengths, they help bind and support the greater community, attesting to the collective achievement of women in business.

To honor and celebrate these women, we present on the following pages profiles of our honorees, in which they share their stories in their own words so that we can get to know them. And they will share the spotlight at our Women of Achievement luncheon event on Oct. 26, when we will come together to celebrate them. We also honor Governor Katie Hobbs with our inaugural Arizona Leader Award.

Please meet our 2023 Women of Achievement.

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