Andy Fegley Steers Reinvention of Valley Real Estate Association

Evolving with the times, Phoenix REALTORS® becomes benchmark among industry associations

by Mary Little

Associations are often slow to embrace change, but it’s crucial for them to adapt and grow to thrive. In fact, many organizations may get stuck in a rut when they become complacent and fail to adapt to changing market conditions, resulting in stagnant growth and a lack of innovation.

These are the truths that have guided Andy Fegley, chief executive officer of Phoenix REALTORS®, as he has transformed staid business models into thriving, best-in-class operations.

Today, Phoenix REALTORS® is a progressive, member-focused organization and the leading expert in the industry, supporting more than 11,000 real estate sales professionals in the nation’s fifth-largest city. It is a benchmark among REALTOR® associations across the country, offering unique member services, prompt support and resources, and the timeliest industry information to its members.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In 2019, Fegley inherited a vastly different organization that mirrored other REALTOR associations around the nation. With fewer than 9,000 members at the time, it wasn’t the largest, the most notable or the most resource-heavy organization.

Drawing from his background as an agent of change, including more than 14 years spent advancing the missions of various trade associations and clients, Fegley saw the need to transform Phoenix REALTORS into a modern association that would set a standard for others to follow.

“We identified three primary areas that would help us foster a culture of outstanding service and adaptability, ensuring the ongoing success of both our members and our association,” says Fegley.

Prioritizing Members

The well-known quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,” served as Fegley’s guiding principle as he cobbled together Phoenix REALTORS’ reinvention.

According to Fegley, though it’s a two-way street, organizations too often get trapped thinking about how they can leverage their members, whether by sourcing their expertise or tapping into their resources, instead of looking at what new offerings they can bring to the table.

“We shifted our thinking to focus solely on helping our members prosper, which started with our efforts dedicated to providing exceptional service,” says Fegley. “This included investing in technology and actively seeking member feedback, which revealed to us how we could be a better and more effective resource to them.”

Listening to what members needed and wanted, Phoenix REALTORS started offering value-based resources, including free education on current issues, no-cost workspaces, an in-house member café and member discounts on frequently used resources.

“With the investments we’ve made, our members have provided feedback that reinforces the fact we have created a supportive organization that puts them first,” says Fegley.

Striving to Become the Leading Authority on the Valley’s Real Estate Scene

A critical component to any company is having your finger on the pulse of the most relevant issues and emerging topics in its respective industry.

Fegley pointed out that outreach to members within the REALTOR community revealed there wasn’t much effort to introduce new ideas or thoughtful resources that have kept up with the times.

“With this in mind, we doubled down on our commitment to staying informed about the most relevant issues and topics affecting members throughout the Valley,” says Fegley. “We invested in numerous resources to equip REALTORS with the tools they need for success. This includes providing a central hub for up-to-date research, statistics and data, as well as insights on trends, fostering collaboration with industry professionals and external partners.”

Ensuring Responsible Management of Member Resources

Doing more with less has become commonplace, whether in the nonprofit or business world. For associations, the purse strings are even tighter as they are run solely on member dues, making it challenging to provide quality services when there are so many demands on the organization.

“We are accountable to our members. And as such, fulfilling the responsibility of providing the highest standard of service to our members is of utmost importance,” says Fegley. “To be the most responsible stewards of member resources, we streamlined operations to increase efficiency, divested an underutilized building and reinvested those funds in resources that directly benefit members, and concentrated on delivering the essential resources REALTORS require.”

Accountability is a tenet Fegley lives by.

“By holding ourselves accountable every day, we uphold our commitment by guaranteeing robust governance, preserving financial integrity, making prudent investments in infrastructure and preparing for ongoing growth,” says Fegley.

And in growing the association by more than 25% in four years, Fegley says he is positioning the organization for even more growth.

“Phoenix REALTORS is a trailblazer and is setting the bar for excellence in the industry,” says Fegley. “I believe that our commitment to innovation can inspire other associations to adopt better ways of doing business, fueling industry-wide success and growth.”

Phoenix REALTORS – the home of opportunity

Delivering value with every membership is Phoenix REALTORS’ mantra. Last year, members:

  • Took 1,500+ continuing education classes at no cost to them.
  • Accessed six different in-depth, interactive market statistics tools for free.
  • Saved more than 1,800 miles through the Phoenix InFlight program, which provides members complimentary delivery of lockboxes, sign riders and other store purchases.
  • Spent 300+ hours in complimentary executive suites and 200 hours in the association’s 12-person conference room.
  • Saved more than $10,000 in the REALTOR® Store, the lowest-cost option in the Valley, on resources they need.

Did You Know: There are more than 40,000 active REALTORS in the Valley and surrounding areas. In 2022, they facilitated nearly 110,000 new listings and 81,084 sales in the area. Their average sale price was $580,470, which was up 14.1% from 2021.

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