John Cosgrove and Rick Johnson: Executive Advisory Support

by Sue Kern-Fleischer

John Cosgrove and Rick Johnson will be the first to admit that starting and running a business is chaotic. The principals and owners of Phoenix-based Executive Forums have a combined 80 years of business management experience. Executive Forums is Cosgrove’s fourth start-up and Johnson’s third. The majority of Cosgrove’s experience is in small business, sprinkled with some … [More]

Vicki E. Panhuise, Ph.D., Arizona Aerospace & Defense Commission

from Vicki E. Panhuise, Ph.D.

Over the years, Arizona has built its economy on products and industries such as cotton, copper, tourism and real estate. We have quickly become one of the fastest-growing states in America, but our industry focus has shifted. Arizona’s economy is more diverse and more advanced, with emphasis on sectors that will position our state as a major player in the global marketplace, … [More]