Startup Phoenix

by RaeAnne Marsh

The past few years have seen a tremendous growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the emergence of a strong startup community in Greater Phoenix. The broad interest in incubating businesses and accelerating startup development is evidenced in the diverse membership of the Arizona Business Incubator Association, which ranges from co-working spaces, incubators and … [More]

Courtney Klein, SEED SPOT

from Courtney Klein

The entrepreneurial fever is alive and well in Arizona, and there is no dearth of people with ideas on how to build the proverbial “better mousetrap” — new products or services to meet emerging needs or fresh takes on those that already exist. And all of that energy is what powers a growing economy. But a successful business takes a lot more than an idea, however great it may … [More]

The Strong Case for Culture by Design

by Steven L. Blue

The United States destroyed its enemies in World War II because it out-produced them. Its manufacturing capacity was enormous and efficient. Its workforce was inspired and committed. The government, suppliers, and competitors all collaborated to produce the biggest manufacturing juggernaut the world had ever known. It seemed there was no end to America’s manufacturing … [More]

Loving Well, Sans Weirdness

by Jonathan Cottrell

While integrating love in business may sound nice as a theory, the real question is how to do it without it getting … weird. Of course, like anything in life, love can be a bit messy. But, for the sake of everyone, it doesn’t have to be mushy. Loving well and fostering such a unique culture is helped by these simple steps. Build Authentic Relationship It all starts with … [More]

Yes, Businesses Have a Melt Rate 

by Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman

How can we gauge our relevance going forward in today’s tumultuous, disruptive and global business environment? How can we quickly determine if changes to our strategy and the way we do things is necessary? Are there a few key questions we would be wise to ask with our teams throughout the fiscal year? Let’s consider the case of the trillion-dollar U.S. food industry. As … [More]

Usher Gratitude into the New Year

by Cassandra Larsen and Deborah Whitehurst

The year is drawing to a close — a time of reflection for individuals and organizations alike. With that reflection often come resolutions: to focus on health, to raise more fundraising dollars, to make a greater impact on the lives of others. But what about “to be more grateful”? It’s not generally at the top of the resolution list. Science, however, is proving that a focus … [More]

Chuck Vermillion: Back on the Entrepreneurial Scene with AccountabilIT 

by Linda Capcara 

After successfully growing OneNeck IT Services for nearly 14 years and, with his co-founders, selling it in July 2011 for $95 million, Chuck Vermillion was ready to jump back into the entrepreneurial world. “I learned that when you have great entrepreneurial success, it’s unquestionably the most satisfying professional experience you’ll ever have,” says … [More]

Tech: Valley’s Economic Hot Spot

by Mike Hunter

As employment grows, this sector continues to drive the Valley’s office market recovery Phoenix lands at number two on CBRE’s annual Tech-Thirty list, which analyzes the 30 leading technology markets in the U.S. and Canada in terms of high-tech software/services job growth. Second only to San Francisco, the Valley continues to see the strongest tech-sector job growth in … [More]

Offering Healthcare to Multigenerational Workforces 

by Doug Adelberg, Elise Thorpe

As employers work to refine their annual benefits offerings, a central challenge they face is providing the right mix of care and preventive services for an increasingly age-diverse population. For the first time in modern history, four generations are in the workforce, each with different needs, desires and resources. Employers are being challenged to better understand … [More]

Service Partnership Saves 911 Resources

by Mike Hunter

A service partnership between Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department and Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital is not only making a significant impact on patient care, it’s reducing the number of 911 calls from people who may not require emergency services. Formed to address repeat 911 calls from chronically ill patients who may not require emergency services, a Patient Advocacy Service … [More]

Protect Against the Top Three Financial Scams in Arizona

by Robert Gibboni

The typical business loses 5 percent of its annual revenue to fraud, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Financial statement fraud causes the greatest median loss, with an average of $975,000 per scheme. As a financial institution concerned with protecting our customers from scams, we bring experience in identifying scams and preventing being taken in … [More]

Address the Risk of Data Breach

by Mike Hunter

More than 90 percent of data breaches worldwide involve small and medium-sized business organizations. Data breaches result in increased global economic debt — and the reality is, hackers attack anyone, with few to no exceptions. The governing body of the payment card industry (PCI) is the Standards Security Council that includes the major card brands, who addressed card … [More]

Arizona’s New ‘Declaration of Independent Business Status’ Law

by John J. Egbert

A new piece of Arizona legislation, the Declaration of Independent Business Status (DIBS) statute is designed to help employers achieve greater certainty when classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor can be difficult. There are no bright dividing lines. Instead, there are a … [More]

Find Customer Service Stars

by Mike Hunter

Logi-Serve enables companies to predict customer service ability, enhance customer experiences, increase sales and build a culture of sales and service excellence through patent-pending science and tools that pose questions based on story-boarded scenarios, its use of advanced response gathering technology, and a validated competency framework. … [More]

Build a Listening Culture

by Mike Hunter

Waggl’s real-time listening platform enables companies to crowdsource feedback by creating a transparent, authentic, two-way dialogue that serves the dual needs of companies wanting an engaged workforce and employees wanting to know that their opinions count. … [More]

The Right Person Meets the Right Job

by Mike Hunter

Sokanu’s career discovery platform to help people find their ideal career will ultimately benefit employers as well. Aiming to fundamentally change the way people prepare for the workforce by helping them to find the career that is right for them and the unique path to getting there, Sokanu employs education technology, social networking and career psychology. … [More]

T. Cook’s: Savory Seasonal Mediterranean

by Mike Hunter

A drive through the entry gates to the exclusive Royal Palms resort leaves Arizona a departing memory as the lush Mediterranean landscaping envelopes the visitor’s senses. Chef Todd Allison’s menu at T. Cook’s perfectly complements the setting. Popular as a romantic getaway for dinner and drinks, the restaurant is a delightful hideaway for lunch, offering award-winning seasonal … [More]

Mall Meals

by Mike Hunter

Taking time out of the day for serious shopping or a mad dash to that all-important retailer doesn’t have be accompanied by a rushed fast-food lunch at the food court. There are options that provide a worthy menu, attentive service, and a comfortable place to meet and talk turkey with a client or colleague. 1130 the Restaurant A longtime downtown standard, 1130’s menu … [More]

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