Richard L. Boals, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

from Richard L. Boals

Federal policy changes to the healthcare industry are presenting difficult and confusing scenarios for businesses of all sizes. Many business leaders I talk to say they are having a hard time understanding what will be expected of them, how to budget for healthcare expenditures and what elements of the recent Federal policy changes will actually be implemented or … [More]

Todd Davis: Building LifeLock on Technology and Trust

by Alison Stanton

As Todd Davis, founder of LifeLock, has learned first-hand, success comes from identifying an issue society is facing and then creating a new, easily identifiable industry to help solve it. Just as Kimberly-Clark Corp. got people asking their friends to hand them a “Kleenex” rather than a “facial tissue,” Davis set out to create a company that would not only solve a serious … [More]

Strengthening Your Bench

by Mike Toney

Our last article made the point that you should know what selling style you need in order to acquire the right talent for your sales team to be successful. This article will give you some interviewing tips that will reduce mis-hires and increase productivity. Going Shopping or Hunting? A good catch is a rarity. I get asked every week, “Where do I pick up a sales rep?” It … [More]

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