Wellness Center Re-Opens with ‘Immunity Strength’ for Improving Health

Functional Wellness Center

Many Arizonans are venturing out after weeks of quarantine and looking forward to improve their health, lifestyle, and immunity should there be a second wave of COVID-19 coming this fall. And the doctors at Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale are up for the challenge.

Functional Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art wellness center located near old town Scottsdale that specializes in Chiropractic Biophysics. They are the only office in Scottsdale to provide this advanced spinal rehabilitation technique. With the tools they have, they are able to provide their patients with customized treatment plans that provide amazing objective results.

They are also the only office in Scottsdale to provide acoustic compression therapy with their Well Wave machine. This device is used to treat any Ligament, Joint, Tendon, or Muscle issue patients may have. It uses a high-pressure sound wave to penetrate deep within the tissue to create a healing environment such as for increased blood flow and breaking up scar tissue, which allows the body to repair and perform at optimal levels. When you walk into the office, you immediately see what makes this office different and unique from the other chiropractic/wellness centers out there.

The first thing you notice is patients performing specific exercises and stretches on Power Plate machines. These machines are helping to increase the patient’s flexibility, range of motion, improve balance and stimulate brain function. Next, you notice the adjusting area of the clinic where the doctors are evaluating the patients and performing specific adjustments that are taking stress of the spine and helping them move their bodies into a better posture. Now you notice the area of the clinic they call the spinal rehabilitation area. This is an area that wows you and lets you know that this place is truly unique. You see patients set up in unique ways on one of the many different types of traction units performing their spinal rehabilitation portion of their treatment.

These traction units are able to be set up differently and uniquely to individualize the specific needs of each patient. The different traction setups are determined from the patient’s initial visit when specific X-rays are performed in the office and analyzed by the doctors to come up with the optimal type of traction the patient needs for their individual needs.  What makes this amazing is that once the patients complete the treatment plan that the doctors have recommended, the X-rays are retaken and compared to the originals and the patients are able to see the changes in their spine.

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